Never Ever Ever...

Stupid Taylor Swift song. I'm sorry, but I hate her. She is so fucking stupid. Don't get me started on her music or boy-crazy-then-breakup behavior.

Anyway, I'm bored so I decided to participate in a linkup. Member that game Never have I ever? Yeahhhhhh, don't act like you didn't play that in high school and probably sometimes lie about it. If you play as an adult props to you, I can't because then everyone would know all the weird stuff I let J do to me. Ummmm moving on....

I Will Never EVER...

- smoke. I hate it when J has the occasional cigarette

- eat a cheeseburger. Disgusting

- get a Nook or anything of that sort. I love actual books and will one day have a library of my own

- stop loving Disney movies. It's just not going to happen

- spoil my kids rotten. They'll work for it like I did

- dye my hair blonde again. Not a good look

See what I mean? Yuck

A little better up but still

What will you NEVER do???

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  1. I will NEVER bleach my hair again! I'm surprised my hair ever forgave me.

  2. i did the underneath blonde one time, OHMY terrible IDEA!

  3. LOL at some of these. I will probably never go back to blonde again either. Too much work! I will never bungee jump. Of that I am certain.

  4. Ahh that Finding Nemo Sirius one is AHHmazing! Might have to steal that. I am obsessed with both movies.

  5. omgosh first of all that taylor swift and adele picture is hilarious. i love it. thanks for linking up with us!


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