Pretty Little Obsession


I'm not afraid to admit I'm hooked. I can't stop guys, I can't stop. I have literally been watching since the very first episode aired in June of 2010. I was 19[at least it has the word teen in it] and I just moved to Vegas on my own. This show allowed me to leave all my stresses and worries and get wrapped up in all their mystery and drama.

These bitches have it all. Their phones never die, their hair is always perfect, and they rock the hottest clothes and get to hook up with the juiciest mancandy ever. Jealous to the max

The show is coming back on tonight and I am super stoked to get lost in the mess all over again. Seriously, what more can they bring to the table? They put Spencer in a mental hospital, gave Ezra a kid, brought Caleb's dad back, and made me think Toby was dead! Assholes. 
Seriously LOVE this picture. So 60s

The main 4 girls have their own shit to deal with while looking for Alison's real killer without getting killed themselves. These chicks kinda make me wish my life was in peril sometimes. If it means being super beautiful all the time then so be it!

Aria is little Miss naughty. She got down with the English teacher[ who is super sexy btw] and stood up for their love even if it meant alienating her parents. Her dad hooked up with a student, go figure, and ruined his marriage. Now Ezra has a kid that he didn't know existed and pretty much kicked Aria to the curb without realizing it. So she dumped his ass.

Hanna is so blunt, I love it. She's more on the ignorant/naive side but she doesn't let that stop her from bringing on the attitude and sass. She used to shoplift so her mom took care of it with the cop with a little bow chicka wow wow if ya know what I mean. She later then ran over that same cop with her car for threatening Hanna. Someone is in the trunk of that car and we'll finally find out tonight!

Emily is the quietest of the group and has finally found some courage to stand up for herself. She likes girls and that's okay because everyone is hot in this show. She's battling feelings for her ex who was killed and the new girlfriend she has [who is not as pretty is Mya].

Spencer is the smart one and usually comes up with the plans. She wants to riddle this thing out the most and will stop at nothing to find out, even if it means putting herself in a crazy house. Toby being on the A team was the last straw and she almost gave up for a second, only to have a hot steamy make-up session with him later on.

The smaller leading ladies are just as intense

Mona- my favorite. She's super brainy and vindictive which is not a good pairing in an enemy but awesome to watch play out. Bitch is on our side now and things should get interesting.

Mya- Sadly deceased from a creepy stalker. Emily's first love that she can't shake. In my opinion she's the prettiest girl in the entire show- it's those eyes! [She's also the oldest-girl is in her 30s!]

Jenna- Once was blind but now she can see- red that is. Full of hatred and so friggin catty. She hasn't made much of an appearance lately since the girls have moved on to bigger things.

Alison- the ring leader. Even after she's gone the girls are still taking orders from this bitch. You love to hate her and hate to love her, but without her this show would really be nothing. I don't think she's dead and I know she's redcoat!

And then there's the guys. I swoon

If you haven't watched this show yet YOU NEED TO. Let yourself be wrapped up in the chaos. Do it.

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  1. I LOVE this show too! I haven't been able to see it in awhile... Boo!

  2. I keep seeing everyone saying how great of a show this is. I might have to catch up on Netflix and start DVR'ing it!

  3. i missed the other night, because i didnt have cable, hope to catch it on the internet soon as i can a minute :) I LOVE THIS SHOW!

  4. I literally just watched Seasons 1&2 on DVD, Season 3 online in the last week. I am beyond obsessed. Now to watch the first few episodes of season 4 on my dvr! I may even revert back to my 15 year old self and get the books, lol. I'm a new follower - love your blog! :)


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