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I was reading articles on Yahoo in class on break while everyone went out and actually got dinner. As I read about today's pop culture, trends, social media, and all that jazz, I realized one main thing. What the fuck was everyone talking about? Am I seriously just some weirdo who has no idea about anything going on lately? Or do I really just not give a fuck about said things? It reminded me of Sarah's post about shit she just doesn't understand, and I thought I'd do one of my own since apparently I don't understand anything. Like, at all. Everything that everyone loves, it seems I absolutely hate...or just am not taking part in. Riddle me this...

Who the fuck are these guys? I keep seeing them popping up in Yahoo and their funny little memes on Pinterest but I honestly don't know anything about this show. They have beards, wear camo, and use 'duck' in their title. I'm assuming they're complete rednecks, and I'm sorry, but I don't do hicks. It's just not my cup of tea to watch people with thick southern accents hunting or doing whatever it is they're doing. I get enough country by living in Tennessee.

I'm probably gonna get punched in the face with this one. Seriously though, is it awesome? I haven't had television since April [just got Dish yesterday, woot woot!] and even when I did I had the basic channels. J is cheap so there's no way I'm gettin Primetime anytime soon. What is this show about?

I'm not a fan of social media. Yes I know this contradicts me in having a blog- I like to write, sue me. Back when Myspace was all the rage I wanted no part in it. A friend went ahead and made one for me. I didn't get a personal Facebook until February 2011. Again, a friend made it for me. I was annoyed that no one can pick up a phone anymore and at least text me. To me Twitter just seems like a quicker version of Facebook which is not necessary, and Instagram is the picture version of Twitter. It's all very dumb. If this makes me not end up being a 'bigger' blogger because of my lack of participation- so be it. Maybe I'll get one eventually, but not in the near future.

Once I became a blogger I noticed EVERYONE drinks wine. Like, daily and by the gallon. My ex-boss and her mom loved wine and I had a friend that worked at a winery. That shit tastes terrible. I cannot get myself to like that stuff. I'd drink it before I ever drank beer, but I just don't see myself being a wino. You may educate me in wine if you like. If you think you can sway my tastebuds- go for it. Challenge accepted.

Again with The Game of Thrones, I have not seen this show. All I know is it is about zombies. I'm quite tired of vampire movies and zombie movies. I have one of each- The Vampire Diaries and the Resident Evil movies. Other than that, I simply have no interest or desire to watch shows like this. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Has it come to that point where we watch reality tv more than an actual, fictionally creative show? Why? How is this entertainment? So we're watching middle-aged ,catty, rich bitches drink and throw shit at other bitches? How are you guys sucked into this? I weep for humanity.

Is it chocolate? Is it peanut butter? Is it chocolatey-peanut butter? Whatever it is, the way it spreads and looks just plain disgusts the ever living shit outta me. I keep reading how people eat gobs of it and would choose it to be the one thing they would eat for the rest of their lives if they were allowed only one food. That good? I'd personally choose Chef Boyardee or Cup o' Noodles if I could eat one thing. I digress.

Maybe you can explain all these things to me.....but I may not care. I'll try, but I'm not making any promises that I won't doze off. Toodles!

Aaaaaaand for Whit Whit's backthatazzup Friday I choose.......

Back that Ass Up

Cause Duh.

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  1. Lmfao, this way too funny! I must admit though, I do like nutella, and The Real Housewives. It's garbage I know, but I think it's the older person's Jersey Shore. Ah, beats me.

  2. Haha Duck Dynesty good lord. I still can't get over James Gandolfini. Now THAT was a show!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  3. I am a Game of Thrones, Duck Dynasty and Walking Dead Fan and I do have a twitter(which I only use to announce new posts)and Facebook to keep in touch with family. I don;t like nutella and please no wine or beer for me, I am a liquor girl myself.


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