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I was told yesterday afternoon that I am being let go. Not as in being fired, but as in she doesn't need me anymore. She's chosen to take Little Dino to on-post daycare when she gets back from vacation. Well that's all fine and dandy, but her vacation is the 26th- of this month. Which basically means I will lose my job in 2 weeks. Thanks a lot Bosslady.

I've watched Little Dino since he was born, and he will be 1 on the 29th. That's a long time to watch a child that isn't yours. I've been there for everything, and been with him more than she has. I just worry how he'll adjust. He lights up every morning he sees me and cries when I leave. What's he going to do after seeing me every single day and then I'm just gone? How will he react to the teachers and children around him?

I'm not mad that she doesn't need me anymore. I'm not mad that technically this is better financially for them to do. I'm mad because of how she told me. She just sat down on the couch all nonchalantly and told me in a little while she'll be taking him to daycare. That I'll have plenty of time before then to find another job and not to worry...and then 5 minutes later she tells me it'll happen in 2 weeks! Uhhh- does she not realize 2 weeks is NOT a long time?! That it took me 6 months after moving here to find a job in the first place and now somehow I'll just be able to get a new one in 2 weeks?!

If she's thinking in terms of how an employee gives their 2 week notice for resignation then she's being really ignorant or just plain stupid. People do that to give their company a heads up. Businesses can hire someone new in a snap- I can't find a new job that quickly. Especially in a military town with thousands of people and summer coming up. Worst. Timing. Ever.

What the fuck am I gonna now? I am freaking out! All my bills, my car payment- everything is due at the end of the month! Then what? After that I'll be completely broke. We can't afford for me not to work. Seriously, couldn't she have told me at least a month ago or something?! This really made me resent her. Especially her attitude towards it, that it was no big deal or anything. No big deal that I'll be broke and unemployed in 14 days.

Trying to look on the positive side I felt maybe this was a blessing in disguise. That I might find a better job with actual adults and I could start making friends. I went to create a resume and realized I've worked a wide variety of jobs. Mostly retail and sales, but a very broad spectrum of products. What could I bring to the table for a new company?

Susie's Deals. My first job at the ripe ol' age of 16. They didn't care that I had super bright crayola red hair and I didn't care that everything being 5 bucks meant they had low-quality clothes. It was seasonal and I needed money to buy my friends Christmas presents. This might be the actual one I worked in, too.

My first job upon moving to Vegas. This one is similar to the store I worked in on The Strip, a very high fashion mall that looks like a spaceship from the outside. I racked up a good amount of shoes from this place and it caused my obsession with Betsy Johnson that was around the corner. Good times.

I worked at Uhaul the same time as Nine West because we went through them for our warehouse. I wish I hadn't done that because it was the worst job experience ever. My boss was a complete asshole who emotionally abused everyone and caused them all to quit. I stuck around cause I needed the dough. Bumped up to Assistant Manager and I was stuck. Until a creepy guy relocated to our store and stalked the ever living shit outta me. J was none too pleased to hear about this [he was deployed at the time] and I was getting really freaked out. 

I quit Uhaul for Fredericks for obvious reasons, and the fact that they were 4 stores down from Nine West which made it easier to work 2 jobs. I know how to fasten a corset and fit your chest perfectly to the precise bra you need. I saw more boobies in 4 months than you can even imagine. Seriously, bitches are not shy.

I ended up back in Cali and started working for Disney by Halloween. At first I thought it was gonna be super awesome because I am in L-O-V-E with all things Disney. But working for them and visiting the park are 2 very different things. Don't get me wrong it was fun, but it kinda ruined the magic for me a little bit. How can I say that? Well when you walk backstage and see Donald Duck with his head off smoking a cigarette and eating a cheeseburger it sort of ruins things.

I have to work 2 jobs at once, I get really restless. At least that's how I am when I'm alone[J was still deployed]. So I worked H&R Block in the mornings and Disney at night. It worked out quite well and I learned a shit ton about finances. Plus I got my taxes done for free so boo-ya![Does anybody still say that?]

After about 4 months I had to quit both jobs because J was coming home and we were off to Tennessee. Unfortunately for me, when we arrived I realized how small the town was and the thousands of people that lived in it. I wallowed in self pity for months not being able to find work. I grew so desperate I applied to places like Taco Bell and the Dollar Store. I literally would spend all day filling out hundreds of applications only to get nothing out of it. By July I found that many families needed childcare so hopped on board. To date I've taken care of about 70 children. Some only a handful of times, some regularly, some church groups where I watched 12 kids at one time, and some exclusively like Princess E and Little Dino. I think it's time I moved on from kids, though. It made me very happy but it grew very bored very quickly and I need a change of pace.

So what does a girl who has worked with clothing, shoes and purses, lingerie, trucks and trailers, amusement parks, taxes, and children do next?

Any suggestions?

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  1. One of the most fun jobs I've had was working at an after school child care program at a Catholic School. But I know that doesn't help much during the summer. When I found the job I'm at now I was in a similar position with working lots of odd jobs but the one thing I found helps is stressing customer service and people skills. I would stress that you've worked with all kinds of people - frazzled moms, people stressed from taxes, etc... Thinking of you and saying a prayer that you find something quick.


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