Work to Do

Hi awesome people!

I am not having an awesome day but I hope you are! If you've been keeping up then you know my husband is up for a promotion and it's been driving us bat shit crazy. It also got moved to tomorrow![don't even get me started on that one] But because of it being our primary focus of the weekend I did not have time to do my schoolwork.

Well class is tomorrow night and I haven't even started. I just barely did my group assignment part before I started writing this, but the main thing is my paper. It's one of the biggest papers I've come across so far and I'm freaking out.

I went home yesterday thinking I had all night and today to complete it but of coarse, life likes to make me suffer on occasion and it didn't fail to disappoint this time. The builders next door who are working vigilantly on our neighbors' house somehow managed to cut the power line and take out everybody's internet. We still have electricity. But internet- oh no we cant have that. Worst. Timing. Ever.

So now I have today on my 2 breaks to get this shit done. Shoot me now.

I leave you with a kitty who thinks the screen is real

P.S. I'll be back tomorrow with an actual legit post. Love you, bye!

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  1. Good luck to your hubby, and to you! What a crazy week so far (and it's only Tuesday!).

  2. what are you going to school for?
    do you do online classes or go to class?

  3. OMG the kitty is sooo cute! Hope you got your paper done. I was a total last minute writer in college...usually doing it the morning of. *shrug* I got my best writing done that way, lol!

  4. Well I hope you get your work done, I remember those days in design school and having all these projects an not enough time.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken


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