Birthday WIshlist

Hey Lovebugs!

Guess what?! Cake day is coming up! That's right, I will be 23 next Tuesday, the 6th, and I still get little kid status when August rolls around. I'm very selfish and reserve the whole month for myself to celebrate, but then again I'm a Leo and we are allowed to do that. It's in our nature, look it up. Rawr.

Sooooo to control my excitement I made a little list of goodies for you all to spoil me with! Yep, I made it easy for you cause everyone always asks that confusing question of "what do you want for your birthday?" Well I'll tell you what!

Keegan Allen
Aka Toby from Pretty Little Liars aka Sex on a Stick. I just wanna lick his abs. Every time I see this boy on tv I squeal a little on the inside. If he shows up on my doorstep Tuesday morning wearing nothing but a bow on his junk and a tag on his wrist saying how much you love me I will personally drive/fly to where ever you live and hug you in person. J won't mind, I promise....or maybe he will and that'll just be our little secret!

Cupcakes and Vodka
An endless supply to be exact. I'd prefer the vodka to be infused with some yummy treat and the cupcakes to have a magic ingredient that doesn't make me gain an ounce of fat. Or if it does to go straight to my boobs, whichever is easier. 

A puppy
I think we all know how badly I've been wanting a Corgi puppy so I'm not even going to attempt to explain how awesome you would be if I received a little butterball. Just make sure it's a boy and we're good to go.

High heels
These are the 4 pairs I've been drooling over on They are to die for. I'm a size 8 ;)

A card
A hilariously inappropriate one would set the perfect tone to start out my special day. I know you can get creative with this, so make me laugh!

Katy Perry has an awesome rack and I'm totally jelly. I would love to actually feel like a legit woman and not a 12 year old boy.  Let's get real here people, don't let the pictures fool you- that's all bra...and some strategically placed clothing that I've got goin on. If I one day got the money I would for serious purchase a pair of these babies. Super cereal.

I know not all of these are impossible so get on it people! You have a week-ish to make this happen so I will be checking my mailbox and expecting pure awesomeness. Don't let me down guys.....I love you.

P.S. I'll still love you if you don't get me anything. But fingers crossed!

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  1. As a August baby myself -- I agree and make the ENTIRE month all about me! However I do share my birthday with my husband so that kinda stinks -- but he could care less so once again it is all about ME!! lol

  2. those are some pretty awesome things to want for your birthday! :) I missed seeing Toby on PLL last night :( boooo

    Those corgi puppies are so darn cute!!!!!

    Guess what? we pick up our new baby girl saturday! so excited! Can't wait to show her off to all my bloggy friends!

  3. what a fabulous birthday list!! I love birthdays, they're the best! wanted to stop by & see if you got my email regarding #TheMessyProject for next month? let me know!! XOXO -Kelly

  4. I would love katy perry's rack as well.. great wish list!

  5. Happy early birthday gorgeous. Mine was Tuesday. And I love your style - cupcakes and vodka, hahaha! I saw you on the link up! :)

  6. Haha this is such a great list! I wouldn't mind getting all of this as well, particularly Keegan. Yum.

  7. Mailing your gift tomorrowwww :)) Wish I could send you cupcakes and vodka though. BOOOO


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