Milo Madness

I love my baby boy more than life itself, just as if he were my real child. He may not be covered in fur like a puppy or kitten but he has his own personality and quirks that make him completely adorable in his own right. He's about 4 months old now so I thought I would give him his own post and spotlight that he deserves. He loves pampering so it's only fitting that all eyes are on him- figuratively speaking of coarse.

1. His Name
My baby hedgie was named after Milo Thatch from Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Did you really expect anything less from me? It's unique and I love that movie!

2. His Coy Nature
He does this thing where he hisses and huffs when he's disturbed. Yes, they hiss. They lower their brow and jerk their head as their way to say 'leave me alone, I'm sleeping'. Milo does this no matter what, though. He's a stubborn little hedge.

3. He's Nocturnal
I usually wake him up to cuddle around 6 or 7 but he is not a fan of the light. Most hedgies can adjust if you train them to but he's like a little vampire and refuses to play while the lights are on.

4. He's a Poop Machine
Seriously. When we first brought him home all he did was shit all over us ALL. THE. TIME. J was always baffled at just how much can come out of something so small. He doesn't do it now that he's older but he'll still obliterate his wheel. And you get to see it.
The litter box is right there!

5. He's not Fond of Bathing
He hates his sink baths. They only need one once a month but since he continues to walk in his poo he gets poopy paws that must be cleaned almost daily. As soon as I set him in the water he immediately tries to escape.

6. He Burrows
No matter where we are or what we're doing he tries to find a hiding spot. I like to let him out of his cage so he can roam throughout the room and see where he'll end up. And he will stick his head in just about anything. Silly baby.

7. His Corner
We have a very open floor plan and can easily lose him, so we put him in his ball to ensure his safety. Every time we do this it never fails- he goes straight to the corner of the hallway where it is the darkest and will curl up and fall asleep. He knows exactly where it is and how to get there from any area of the house. Clever little one.

8. He's Picky
Most hedgehogs eat a wide variety of foods. Not this little boy. They're suppose to have a good diet and eat all kinds of fruits and veggies, meats like chicken, beef, and sausage, cheeses, the whole shabaam. Milo will only eat his cat food and mealworms. Recently I got him to eat chicken flavored cat treats but even then he's still a picky eater. Punk.

9. His Spot
Ever since he was a newborn he's had a tiny little white patch of quills on his left side. I call it his birthmark. When he's all balled up most people are scared because they don't know where his head is, so I just tell them to look for his spot.

10. He LOVES J
At first he bonded to me and J was really sad. But now they're like 2 peas in a pod. Milo always runs to him and nestles himself on J's stomach, chest, and shoulder. Even when J is playing his computer game or eating, Milo is just chillin there with daddy. Yep, J calls him his son :)

Isn't he just super friggin adorable? Makes you want one, doesn't it?! Well guess what? Milo is going to be a big brother! That's right! We love him so much we wanted another one. We purchased the newest addition to the family on Saturday night and will be picking him up this Saturday. J is going with me this time and since I've already made this trip it should go much smoother than last time

We are a tad scared that Milo will get jealous that he's no longer the only child but we figured since he's basically a toddler that it will be okay. Another reason he got his own post- he doesn't like to share things like his mama!

The new one is another boy but white! He has the cutest little pink nose and I couldn't resist his adorable face. I'm pretty sure J agreed to getting another one to make me forget about wanting a puppy but I shall not give up! So I'm really picky with names because I love it when they are unique and not widely used. At first I was drawing blanks but then I came up with 4 for the new baby. I want you guys to tell me what you think and vote for the one you think I should use!

In the order that I like:

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  1. Milo is adorable! I'm a fan of the name Finn personally. Can't wait to see pictures of your new addition! :)

  2. I'm all for Finn. Henrietta and Milo would be the perfect couple -- they have the same quirks. :)

  3. O... M... G... Milo is SO cute!!!! I love little critters! =)

  4. I'd love to have a pet hedgehog! They're so cute, but neither my boyf or my mom want one :(
    I like Finn, but Zane is cute too.
    I LOVED Atlantis. I still watch it alot. The reference to it definitely made me follow! (:

  5. Just found your blog- this post was too cute! I have never really known much about hedgehogs, but Milo is adorable! I know what you mean about loving him as if he was your real child. I am pretty obsessed with my furbaby as well :). Newest follower! Excited to read more from you.


  6. I'm a big fan of Finn. I just think Milo and Finn sound cute together! Congrats on another hedgie :) I looove how even though he's so small, he still has a cute personality!

  7. I love Finn. :) He is adorable! Cant wait to see the new little guy


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