My Alphabet

Hello lovebugs!

In honor of all my lovely new visitors deciding to stick around and flatter me, I figured you all could get to know me a little better throughout this week. Instead of doing the traditional 'about me list' I thought I'd do a little ABC's of Megalin.

-Me and Mama-

A is for AGE:  22 soon to be 23 August 6th
B is for BED size:  Queen.
C is for CHORE you hate:  Dishes.
D is for DOGS:  I wish. Convince the hubby for me.
E is for ESSENTIAL start to your day:  I don't eat breakfast.
F is for FAVORITE color:  Turquoise and grey.
G is for GOLD or silver:  Gold= gross. Silver= awesome.
H is for HEIGHT: five feet, four inches.
I is for INSTRUMENTS you play:  I can play a mean drums on Rock Band.
J is for JOB title:  Nanny.
K is for KIDS:  Not yet!
L is for  where you LIVE:  Kentucky/Tennessee border. An hour outside of Nashville.
M is for MARRIAGE:  2 years this August.
N is for NICKNAMES:  Mom calls me "Megalini" and grandma uses "Meggie Pooh". Both drive me banana sandwich. Everyone just calls me Megan.
O is for OVERNIGHT hospital stays:  None.
P is for PET PEEVE:  Not closing drawers/pantry doors. Unorganization. [OCD issues]
Q is for QUOTES:  Don't stumble over something behind you.
R is for RIGHTY or lefty:  Righty.
S is for SIBLINGS: 3 younger sisters. 3 older brothers. 3 in-laws.
T is for TIME you wake up: Whenever I feel. No job= no reason to wake up early.
U is for UNIVERSITY you attended:  University of Phoenix [not Arizona] Currently trying to transfer.
V is for VEGETABLES you dislike:  Green beans and peas. Bleh.
W is for WHAT makes you run late:  Not wanting to wake up.
X is for XRAYS you've had:  Neck [car accident]
Y is for YUMMY food:  Any type of rice, cheesecake, and mexican food.
Z is for ZOO animal:  Owls and manatees.
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  1. Ohhh these were my fave to do on myspace sooooo I'm doing it! P.s. I knew your bday was in Aug but didn't know it was the same as my dad's!

  2. awesome that you like owls too. I do and you use to could tell from my blog page but I changed it but the name is still the same.

  3. I need to do something similar like this, easy fun post and my readers get to know me :) You have a lot of siblings and only gonna be 23 eeeek. I will be 25 next feb. YIKEs! i feel old, lol

  4. Such a great idea, I think I may have to copy you and share my ABC's too!


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