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Hey girl, hey!

Lovin the new look? You jelly? You know you want it. Sorry, got that song stuck in mah head ever since that commercial with the random futuristic bitches doing weights with that pill looking radio came on last night. What a run-on sentence that was. But seriously, doesn't my blog look fabulous?! The lovely Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars completely re-did it and I can't get enough of it! 

If you are itching for a blog makeover I HIGHLY suggest you go see her right stat now! Like right meow. Not only is she totally affordable but you get the best experience with an extremely talented chicka. How awesome is that? I finally feel like this blog represents me and can call it 'home'. Took me long enough, right? Better late than never! 

I'd also like to wish Gayle a Very Merry Un-Birthday! Stop by and show her some love!

Speaking of birthdays, mine is coming up quick! August 6th is cake day but it lands on a Tuesday so I doubt I'll be doing anything special. Hopefully I can round up some Army wives and celebrate it on the weekend. Mine and J's anniversary is the 2nd but we'll also have to put that on hold since he is in WLC for the next 3 weeks. Boo. To think that earlier this year I was planning a wedding and should be in Cali right now about to have it and be there for my nephew's 2nd birthday this weekend. I should probably stop depressing myself even more than I already am.

Geez Megan, just make all your peeps not want to read your blog anymore. Aww man, I think I hear Kol trying to escape AGAIN! I lined his cage with fabric and he tried to get out twice in ten minutes. I actually caught him doing it! So I put a top to cover it hoping that will stop him. He better not even think about it. Grr. God damnit! I just got up to check on him and little punk was at it again! He is driving me banana sandwich with this shit. But he's so damn cute. Exhibit A.

Yeh, I blacked out our name.
It's getting harder for me to come up with excuses that accept his mischievous ways. And then Milo is just like 'hi, I'm the good one just over here being adorable'. He really is. Alright, gonna try and make the most of this day with the jam that's been bouncing around the walls of my brain lately.

Go ahead and back that booty up with Ms Whit-dizzle

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  1. HAHAHA I love it... "yes I blacked out your name." LT. is so paranoid about stuff like that.

  2. Oh, and Sarah did an awesome job on the design! Pretty, pretty! :)

  3. Loving your new look! Good job Sarah!

  4. Loving your new look! Sarah is awesome

  5. Loving the new look!
    Reading your posts make me so excited to be possibly getting a little quilled baby. Kol is adorable.

  6. I've literally been listening to that song all day with my co-workers. It's been stuck in all of our heads. Kol is looking precious! Awww.

  7. love the new look! I am a new reader/follower as well so i'm already super impressed!

  8. I love it!!!!! I'm a bad blog bff, I've been too swamped to read till today. Love it and youuuuuuuu


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