Saturday Shenanigans

Hello loves

Sorry for my absence yesterday, I fell ill and didn't get out of bed much. Must be the ginormous hangover from the weekend that did me in. Perhaps I can no longer handle my liquor quite the way I used to. I digress.

Instead of rambling about my entire weekend I wanted to focus on Saturday since everything basically went down that day. It was a long once since we had to get up at 630 to get the baby and we had a little get together at our house that didn't end until about 2 in the morning. Needless to say I was exhausted by Sunday.

Baby Kol

Our sweet little baby that we couldn't wait to meet. I loved that he was white and had a little pink nose. I could not resist that face so I purchased him and gave Milo a little brother. Most people liked the name Finn but J pointed out that not only did Kol sound more masculine to him, but real coal is black and our Kol is white. I thought that was way too funny so that's the name we chose.We had to get up at the ass crack of dawn to go get him but this time J went with me and we split the drive.

I wanted a picture of my pretty dress but I hate it. Does the mirror ever tell you that you look pretty only for your camera to be like 'is that what that bitch said? Cause she lied to you'? Yeah, that happens to me a lot. Stupid mirror. But I liked the way it draped and J said it popped my hip bones out like crazy and that I looked like I actually had an ass so it is now my new favorite dress.

Kol was much more active and curious than Milo was at his age and he took to J immediately. He started licking his hands and self-annointing [that's what that white foam is] and never stood still when we put him in his carrier. 

I had wanted to go to Petco on the way home and as soon as we walked in we saw a bunch of ferrets sleeping on top of each other. I swear to god you guys I almost bought a ferret right there and then.

Just look at how they're sleeping! So precious. But if i buy something it's not going to be from a pet store. When we got home we pondered on introducing the two to each other but ending up deciding on it so I could take pictures of them side by side to show the difference in their size. 

Milo looks like such a little fatty compared to Kol. I love the middle picture because both of their brows went down as soon as they saw the flash. Just little noses peeking out. 

We set them on the floor to see what would happen. Milo went to sniff him but Kol freaked out and poke him by accident so Milo peed everywhere. It was sad and cute at the same time. 

We put them away so we could put the cage together and get the house in order for people coming over. When we first moved in J had wanted to do a bunch of stuff to the house that prevented me from putting everything away. Well I finally got tired of waiting seeing as how it's already friggin July so I decided I was going to put all the decor up and invite people over to my house. Bout damn time if you ask me.

Kayla brought Pokemon cupcakes!

The guys got really into beer pong until they noticed our new liquor dispenser and just had to make a liquor run to try it out. So now I have 4 vodka bottles in my freezer! Including Chocolate Cake and Candy Bar which I didn't even know were flavors. That little baby is almost 5 months and she is teeny tiny! Kayla of coarse brought her baby boy who is 4 months but he fell asleep as soon as they arrived. Everyone was baffled at their size difference since he's younger. You should have seen when we made them face each other and they started talking. I wish I had caught them on camera but as you can see by the shitty pictures my phone isn't exactly the best. Everyone knew it was time to leave when one of the husbands spilled 3 things on my floor within 10 minutes, one of them being my drink!

We had fun and all the couples who didn't make it were totally jealous the next day when everyone posted pictures on Facebook. That's what you get for not showing up!

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  1. awe, i like the reasoning behind naming him Kol, PERFECT! do you feel complete yet? or still wanting a puppy??

  2. He's here! He's here! And omg he's so cute! And even J seems to be happy about it. haha Sounds like you had a crazy weekend, but it looks like fun. :)

  3. Chocolate Cake vodka?!?! How have I not heard of this before?!? I must buy some!! And the hedgehogs are sooooo adorable!!

  4. How cute! :) Another lil hedgie!

  5. I so want a hedgie but the hubby wont allow me to get one because we already have a zoo. Yours are adorable.

  6. Oh my goodness. Kol is absolutely precious - the name and the hedgie. Adorable. And I love that dress! It's so pretty!

  7. They are both so adorable!!! And I love your dress!!


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