Summer Lovin

Hello Lovebugs!

What a beautiful and hot weekend it was! I have officially boycotted pants due to the weather. Not like Miley Cyrus, cause that bitch cray. I've been wearing dresses everyday and I feel so pretty! Yet self-conscious at the same time since my legs are ghostly white! Seriously guys, it's like my legs belong on another body. Maybe I should invest in tanning. Hopefully we take a trip to the river this Saturday! This weekend was full of BBQs and shindigs galore and there was always something to do!
I figured since I don't currently have a job that I need something to do with my time. I hate not being productive and being cooped up in the house all day. I decided the best way to meet new people and accomplish meaningful things is to volunteer on base. Plus I get experience and have more to put on my resume. Win. It was soooo friggin sticky-humid out I was still sweating in my little dress! Gross much.
BBQ numero uno. It was way gloomy that morning but it was still super hot so I decided on a maxi dress with a shawl just in case. J's friend had a couple people over for his wife's 21st birthday and I felt super old. Especially since she just had her second child last month. Literally every single couple had at least 2 children and I felt like the odd person out. These people pop out babies like it's their friggin job. But that's a topic for another post. After awhile of being there and having no effort from any of the wives to make friends or even conversation I just straight up left. Those are the kind of wives that act stuck up and don't include you in shit so I wasn't about to stick around and get shunned the entire night. Not my idea of a good Saturday. So I left J there and headed to Wal Mart.

So I ended up making a scene at Wal Mart. I was looking for some alfredo sauce and couldn't find the kind I wanted. Just then I spotted it wayyyyy back there and tried reaching for it. Dropped a jar and it shattered everywhere. Everywhere. People just stared and I just stood there, not knowing what to do. I've never broken anything before. Then I look down and my foot is bleeding like crazy. I didn't even feel anything! This lady freaked out and ran to get someone which took forever for some reason. They made me fill out all this paperwork and I was like 'it's cool bro it's just a little cut on my foot, just gimme a band aid.' And they were like 'Miss you are bleeding so we need to take precautions in case anything happens.' So they gave me my band aid and I apologized for making the aisle smell like garlic.
BBQ numero dose. Just trying to keep with the Spanish theme here.....anywayyy. Rain happened so I did some housework. Come to think of it I have clothes in the dryer I should probably, later. Too lazy to get my rump off the couch. If I haven't gotten up to shower I'm not gonna get up to fold clothes. Don't act like you don't run the dryer 3 times until you finally do it cause you know you totally do! This time the cook out was one of my friends so I knew I was gonna have a fun time, and I was right.

I baked yummy cookies and everyone gobbled them up before Will was even done grilling the ribs! Which made me feel special :) Homegirl is really into games and whipped out Scattegories which is totally my shit. I had to explain the game to everyone and at first they were skeptical but then everyone had a blast! And once they found out I also owned the game they all decided to come to my house tomorrow [which if you're reading this means today-Monday]. J was being his usual anti-social self and left an hour after we got there. I'm not sure if he did that because I did that the previous day but I was not havin it. I stayed and actually had fun! The sourpuss!
In a little bit I will have a bunch of women in my living room having fun and gossiping about our punk ass husbands haha Let the games begin! I'm going to try and get Kol to stop being a grumpy gills. Byeeeee!

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  1. The 2nd and 3rd dresses I love. I'm a big fan of Maxi dresses even if I just have one and I need some of those cover ups. where'd you snag that from? its cute.

  2. You look so good in your dresses :) Sounds like a fun weekend you had, which is always good and then Monday comes, and i am like dangit, new week, new school assignments BLAH BLAH BLAH!

    My weekend went by wayyy tooo fast!

  3. Summer dresses are blessing! I can't say yes to jeans anymore, UGH!
    GO TAN!

  4. Love love your maxis! One out of two bbq's ain't bad :) have fun at your girls night!

  5. SERIOUSLY, GIRL, YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!! I totally second the pants boycott :)

  6. I love the maxi dresses. Too cute!

  7. Your weekend sounds so fun. I love all of your dresses! Volunteering sounds like a nice way to take up your free time. Jealous of all of your tummy BBQ food. Yum. Scattegories is so much fun!!


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