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Happy Humpday everyone

I'm gonna make this short and sweet because honestly I don't even know how I managed to get out of bed to even write this tiny amount.

My strength is practically gone and I feel fragile and numb. I'm gonna let you in on something people don't normally talk about- lady problems. I get the shot. The Depo shot for birth control that is injected into your arm every 3 months [or ass- but who in the fuck would choose that option]. I've been on this for 5 years now and apparently it's starting to get to my body. It's not only taking away my calcium which is making me weak, it's also making my body go out of whack. When you're on something for so long of course your body gets used to it and adapts. Well cue my dumbass who forgot to get their shot and suddenly my body doesn't know what the hell to do.

I am completely broken out, sore, experiencing cramps I haven't gotten in years, and getting my dot in full force. Basically my period has come back with a vengeance. When you use Depo you don't get a period. I haven't had one in years besides the occasional spotting. Now? Holy fuckballs. When am I NOT on this thing. I'm grossing myself out here people. It's like it's making up for all the time it hasn't been around and my tiny frame can't handle it. It's causing me to not wanna get out of bed or off the couch and not want to do anything. Like, anything. I barely wanna write this post, but I figured I owed an explanation as to why I'm not giving blogging the time of day right now.

You'd think all I'd wanna do is stuff my face with Ben n Jerry's and Milano cookies while watching The Notebook over and over again but honestly it's the exact opposite, which is baffling. I have absolutely no appetite and every little thing is annoying me, including sound. I tripped balls watching PLL last night, those retards. So basically I've been huddled on the couch reading book after book getting lost and taken away from this current hell hole I am in. Seriously, I've already read 5 books since Friday night.

So please bare with me while I go through this shit storm alone. J is now working nights so everything is so outta whack. Add all that to me being miserable and not working and I'd say it's time for a fucking vacation to get my mind off things. Bout ready to create the beach in my living room so I can pretend I'm not in Tennessee. If you wanna join me you are more than welcome to. For serious- I have a fridge full of beer and a vodka-stocked freezer. I'm golden.

I wasn't lyin to you, kids

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  1. Oh no!! Good luck with it!! My friend had to get taken off Depo because she was going through the same things while she was on the pill.

  2. Hope things get better. I havent heard anything good about depo which is why I'm not on it. Gaining lots of weight is one reason why i didnt get on it.

  3. This sounds really awful. Hope you feel like yourself again soon. Let me know if you read anything good.

  4. eeeek. No fun girl, i hope this storm goes by quickly

  5. Ugh terrible! Sorry to hear about all this. If I was closer I would help you drown your sorrows away in a heartbeat! Xo

  6. Eeeek, sounds horrible! Hope you feel better soon!


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