Cara Box Reveal [August]

Hey Lovebugs, Happy Friday

As you all know I like to partake in Kaitlyn's Cara Box Exchange every other month to meet new bloggers and send'receive special gifts. It's a wonderful experience that is meant to bring this community even closer by getting to know two very special ladies and putting together a package based on the theme of the month.

The rules will be changing come September so if you want to participate make sure to check out Wifessionals. This month was based on our age and life cycle. I was categorized in "23-29, married", so I was paired with Ashley and Gentel who are also in that same stage of life.

I sent Gentel a box I hope she loves and Ashley sent me some goodies that I absolutely adored. Make sure to check out both ladies' blogs!

This girl really paid attention to detail because she hit the nail right on the head with me.
These things are the exact color scheme of my bedroom and I friggin love it!
It seriously is teal and dark grey with white owls!
This chick rocks so hard.
It has all found a place in my room.

Items received:
White owl bank
dark grey decor plate
Teal earrings
Essie nailpolish in Naughty Nautical
California state necklace

I especially appreciated her choosing something that is so very dear to my heart- the love of my home state. It seriously means a lot to me, thanks girl.
Much love.

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The Messy Project Reveal


I cannot tell you how excited I am to be apart of this month's Messy Project! I signed up months ago in hopes that one day I would get an email saying it would be my chance! And what better month than August!

If you've been paying any attention to my constant rambling then you are well aware that I am in no way girly or fashion forward at all. I have no idea how to style myself or even act like a proper girl. True story. I've been making several attempts to get into hair, makeup, and all that shit in hopes that it will one day rub off on me and I'll magically be transformed into a smokin hot woman in the coolest outfits, aka Katy Perry. 

When I stumbled upon Kelly's blog I instantly fell in love. She was making a statement both to herself, women, and fashion in general; bringing a quirky and unique twist to how she styles herself and looks at an outfit. My kinda girl. I knew I just HAD to be apart of her vision, and that it would help me with my journey to awesomeness. Hopefully I succeeded in some small way.

The item I received was:
A black&white striped maxi

When I opened my package I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't a little disappointed. Not in Kelly's choice, but the fact that I was looking forward to breaking out of my comfort zone with something I wouldn't normally buy for myself. I would buy this for myself. In fact, I actually have three dresses that look like this. So at first I was pretty bummed. However, it was still a challenge to think out of the box. My first instinct was to pair this with my burgundy leather jacket and steel grey buckle boots.

 I decided to turn the dress into a low-waisted skirt and go for a
 relaxed "beach babe" vibe. 

Paired with:
Loose waves// Hair
Woven crop-top// Wet Seal
Bead bracelets// Icing
Butterfly ring// Claire's
Snake ring// Claire's
Neon bracelets// Gift

All of these pictures prove that J should never be a photographer and I should not look into modeling as a career. My failed attempt in curling my hair didn't surprise me at all. It also didn't bother me considering I wasn't at a real beach but my neighborhood's tiny pond. We'll pretend, though. I went barefoot with minimal makeup to keep with the natural look. So how did I do?

Make sure to check out the others!

Samantha @ Hooah and Hiccups

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Things on my Mind

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Lots of random thoughts have been flashing through my head as the past 2 weeks have gone by in a blur. Can we say Blurred Lines anyone? An understatement to say the least. So stressed. My noggin is a total clusterfuck right now with worries, opinions, emotions, everything.

If someone were trapped in my brain I'm afraid they might go mad at the images of giant teddy bears floating along a river of grape juice doing psychology homework. I'm telling you- you don't want in on this. Wanna see a glimpse though? Yeh, you know you do. Just a taste.

- Grape juice is the tastiest drink of the week

- Milo's nails are getting hella long and it's freaking me the fuck out

- The fact that I keep saying 'hella' is proof my boss says it way too much and has become an unfortunate influence

- Why was the Nsync reunion so short?! Bet those guys worked out for 6 months for that 30 seconds of screen time

- What in the holy fuck was Miley doing? I can't, I just, there are no words. Other than Liam needs to run fast and run far. The Smith family reaction pretty much sums it up

- Can someone do my damn homework, please?

- J never came home Friday night from being out with his friends and I didn't see him until 2 in the afternoon the next day. Having a hard time letting that boy outta my sight now. The punk.

- Finding out Ben Affleck will be playing Batman is like going through all the stages of grief at once

- I wish I had magical powers and that I could do anything ever in the history of the world. I'd start with making myself beautiful and incapable of gaining weight. Then I'd make Justin Bieber disappear.

- People have come back into my life that I'm not sure is a good thing

- Making friends as an adult is like going on a bunch of blind dates but worse because it's with women. Bitches be crazy

- I'm super stoked to be apart of the Messy Project this month! Tomorrow is the reveal!

Fuckin fine,
Catch ya on the flip side
[brownie points if you can name that movie]

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J Takes Over [Part Three]

Hey party people! Happy Friday!

The last day of Boys Behind the Blog questions, I'm sure J is thankful. I'm also letting him pick the jam for Whit's backthatazzup Friday. I just hope he doesn't pick something that screams at you. He's like that. His music tends to scare the shit out of me when I get in the car. Asshole.

Round 3:

1. What would you do with a million dollars?
Buy my dream car, buy like 15 houses, and use the remainder of the money to fix those houses and rent them out. And yes, I can get houses that cheap- I got connections.

2. What is your dream job?
Umm, being retired. I don't wanna fuckin work.

3. Who is your celebrity crush?
Alessandra Ambrosio, she's my bitch. Damn right. Even with her fuckin British accent or whatever she is.
[she's Brazilian. What a douche.]

4. What is your favorite sports team?
Motha fuckin Patriots.

5. What was your AOL/AIM screen name back in the day?
ilikefires. Because I had a lighter in my hand, all the other good names were taken, and I liked to set things on fire. I didn't want something gay with numbers or X's. I'm still that way.

For backthatzzup Friday
he wanted Shade by Portugal. The Man.
I explained to him this was too mellow and no one could shake their ass to it.
So he picked:

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J Takes Over [Part Two]

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Hey Lovelies

I'm pretty sure J will like these questions more since they have to do with him and not blogging. He could honestly give two shits about my blogging. Plus he gets to talk about one of his most favorite things so you might see him ramble a bit. I'd like to think so anyway. He'll probably just end up being a punk about it. Yeah, that sounds like him.

Milo is chewing on his shirt
Round two: 

1. What celebrity would play you in a movie about your life?
*after pondering for quite some time* 
I have decided on Edward Norton. Based on his performances he can play the quiet me and the pissed off me pretty well.

2. What is your dream car?
2015 Subaru STI in Plasma Blue. I want two JLW7's 12 inches in the trunk. [his sound system]

3. Do you have any tattoos? What, where, and why?
A red upside-down heart on my right shoulder blade to match my stepdad's. [he passed away]
Vic Rattlehead on my chest for what it represents.[hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil] Megadeth, fuck yeh. [his fav band]
"Live and Let Die" on my hips because Paul McCartney is fucking awesome. The Beatles. Yeh.

4. Boxers or briefs?
What the fuck do you think? Have you ever seen me wear briefs? Fuckin never. [boxer briefs]

5. List 3 random facts about yourself.
- I was one of the top players in the world on Age of Empires 3. I was even better than the Koreans.
- I like manatees.
- I've been to 8 different countries outside the US.
* Here's an interesting fact- I can make my wife laugh anytime I want to. I can also piss her off anytime I want to. It's a gift, really.

He's such a punk when it comes to questions I already know. I tried explaining to him that just because I know him doesn't mean the blogging world does and that he needs to answer in his own god damn words! This is what I live with people. And he wonders why people think he's rude. Because he's shy and quiet and when he actually does speak it's very snarky. Imagine if his best friends were with him. Yeah, that's not a place I'd wanna be- I end up becoming the butt of every joke. Also, they like to call me Meg due to Family Guy, so I get it even worse. Every time I speak I always get cut off with "Shut up Meg." Rude. 

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J Takes Over [Part One]

When I first came across the Boys Behind the Blog series I was excited because it had actually been one of my drafts to ask J some questions and get him involved. Then I noticed that it had already been done 2 times before and was sad that we were not apart of it. Well being me I was like uh duh, I'll just do it anyway. 

I had a bunch of paragraphs written out about my thoughts on reading the past questions and answers but deleted it because it made me sound like a bitch. Bottom line was some of the answers sounded kinda fake or cheesy for their wives sake, and I know J would be totally truthful in his. I just needed to figure out how to get him to play along without him saying "this is stupid and I don't wanna do this anymore". 

I told him if he played nicely without being a smart ass I would type word for word what he said. After all, the questions are for him and he's taking over the blog this week. 

This post didn't have a picture and was kinda boring. So here's J knocked out cuddled with Kol

Sooooooo here's round one: theme=blogging

1. Does your wife use your real name or a nickname on her blog?

2. If you had a blog, what would the title be?
Fuck It. Because the amount of fucks I give is equal to or less than zero.

3. Do you ever feel ignored by her because of the blog?

4. How has her blog changed or evolved throughout your relationship?
I don't know, I don't really pay attention to that stuff.

5. What is your favorite post on her blog?
Anything about the hedgehogs.

So the first round might not have been that fantastic but I mean come on, it was about stuff that doesn't pertain to him. He even said "when do we get to the good questions". I tried to get more out of him than one word answers but he clearly stated those were not open-ended questions and if he elaborated anymore then he would sound like a fag. Oh well.
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All About J

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If you don't know this by now, J does NOT like to take pictures.
He will occasionally allow his mother, sister, and sometimes myself to snap a quick one if it involves our nephews, something cool, or beer. The typical picture, however, is of him not knowing and me just clicking away. Sometimes he's drunk and all for it. Other times he's just amusing me and will flash a fake smile before getting annoyed with me for wanting a real smile. But usually, he hates it.

You will rarely ever see him grace the pages of my blog, and wonder sometimes if he even exists. It's okay, I get that a lot. Yes, my husband does indeed in fact exist, even though all the pictures of me by myself make it seem like I go to tons of places all on my own like a complete loser. Thanks, babe. 

So I decided to make a post solely about him using the small amount of pictures I have of him. I excluded the ones with me in it because I don't think those count. I also excluded ones with too many friends and family members out of courtesy and the fact that it's more fun just using the ones of him since they appear more genuine.

I present to you, my husband:

Beer games

He used to smoke but he quit last June

His birthday present from me [he gives me that lip a lot]

With our nephew on his R&R

The next year after coming home from deployment with same nephew

Too adorable

Enjoying a ride at our marriage retreat
At the parthenon in Nashville

The babies love crawling all over him
Especially Milo

Always biting his shirts

Ski shots
Dress blue for promotion board
Waiting on Black Friday in Toy Story couch
Playing Guitar Hero at Chuck E Cheese
Posing with some sword from a Final Fantasy video game
Home from deployment catching up on missed holidays

So there you have it. He is too cute right? Yeah well, for serious though he would kill me if he found out this post existed so we gotta keep it on the DL. And when I say that I mean you- mama and seester!

Some Things Happened.

Hey everyone, what's the haps?

Oh your weekend was lovely too? That's awesome, yo. Me? Yeah, same ol, same ol. I'll get to the gist since these little recaps are honestly starting to bore me. No offense to Ms. Sami but unless I do something crazy extravagant I feel that I should start keeping these to a minimum. So this will be the last one for awhile.

Friday couldn't possibly have gone any more slower, sweet jesus. I mean holy balls- could the weekend just arrive already! So I'm driving home all doom and gloom, and the weather seems to be accompanying my mood, when I decide let's check the mailbox to see if Mr. I'm Always Late Delivering the Mail Guy actually came on time. Wouldn't you know it- there was a package!

Look at all the hedgehogs! I. Die.

Leave it to Gayle to brighten up my Friday and get my weekend started off great. Love that girl! 

Saturday was spent finally sleeping in and cuddling J since he was gone for awhile. Yay couples stuff. Went to the movies and saw Kick Ass 2. Shit was intense. Fuckin love Hit Girl. She is now my idol, don't even care that she's younger than me and has no titties. It's all good, bro. 

The couple that wears bright pants together, stays together

This was my dinner. Jelly?

The main thing I would like to announce is that I stumbled upon the Boys Behind the Blog series and decided we were gonna conquer it. So this entire week will be taken over by J. Not personally, cause there is no way in hell I would trust that boy with this here blog-diggity. God only knows what he would write about.....sorry. I was too busy shuddering at the thought. Anyway, the entire week will be about the man I call my husband. I'm even letting him pick the jam for Whitty's backthatazzup! Shocking, I know. Can I trust him? We shall see.

Dun dun dun!!!!

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August Ipsy Bag

I had wanted to post yesterday with the Boys Behind the Blog but J had to stay overnight in his WLC class so he wasn't even home from Tuesday to Thursday. Boo, you whore. Hate Army sometimes. So I focused on my homework instead of blogging because that is priority numero uno...most of the time. I try not to procrastinate too much but lezbehonest- I am the queen of waiting til the last minute, when it comes to school. J is the king of last minute with everything and it drives me banana sandwich! Now I'm rambling. Onto the point...

My Ipsy bag came, yay! I find myself getting giddy when I open my mailbox and seeing that little pink package inside. Think I'm turnin into a girl! I had wondered what the theme of the month would be since July was beachy, especially August being my birthday month I always want things to be super special. Like every time I open a calendar I head straight for August to see if I got a good picture- you know you do too! 

I'm not entirely sure what Glamour Academy is but I'm guessing I am now apart of it. So yeah, pretty sweet. You guys totally need to jump on this Ipsy bandwagon because I am lovin it. And no, not like McDonalds, because they are gross. Okay I lied a little, I started to eat their fries again. But that's it! Annnnnd I'm rambling again. Grr.

Items Included:

-Michael Todd Facial scrub
-Pacifica Multi-mineral bb cream
-Noya Natural lip balm
-Pixi Lash Booster mascara
-City Color Cheek stain

I personally feel like they should have sent me a cupcake since it's my birthday month. But whatevs, I forgive you Ipsy.

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My Sick Quillbaby

Milo has fallen ill and it has been stressing me out for the past 2 weeks.

One night while snuggling in my lap he simply looked up at me and began to throw up mushy yellow gunk. I immediately panicked and Googled his symptoms, which was a bad idea cause we all know how Google makes us think we are going to die. So yeah, that idea did not help one bit. J told me to calm down and that it was probably a one time thing from a stale treat.

Two days later he did it again. I threw out his treats and replaced everything in his cage hoping it wouldn't happen a third time. I thought I was in the clear until a couple days later while I was cleaning out his fleece and bed I noticed yellow stains all over his bedding. My heart sank. Had he secretly been throwing up this whole time? Apparently hedgehogs are really good at hiding pain and sickness so I freaked out and ran to tell J. Once again he reassured me that things were okay. How could he say this? Obviously shit was not okay and something was wrong with our baby. I began looking up exotic vets in the area and jotting down phone numbers for when the week came.

Yesterday morning he threw up all over me. That was the last straw. I was seeing a damn vet if it killed me. I just didn't know how to go about it. Once I put the baby down for his nap I stepped outside and started calling vet after vet hoping to come across one who saw exotic animals. No such luck. I Googled some more and called so many places I began to lose hope. How can they be legal in this state and no one sees them? Was I going to have to drive hours away? One lady referred me to someone in Nashville. I didn't have that kind of time and couldn't leave work in order to make it before they closed, not to mention it was 100 dollars just to see him.

I was running out of options until someone told me a clinic not too far from my house occasionally saw pocket pets. It was worth a try. The woman on the phone told me only one lady could look after him and that she was there until 6. Perfect. The charge was 40 dollars. Even better. I was so happy I almost woke the baby up with excitement. Then I began to get nervous. What if something was really wrong with Milo? How would this woman handle him? Would he be scared out of his mind and wonder where his mama was? That was soon all I could think about.

Those next 5 hours went by so slowly and my stomach was in knots. As soon as my phone said 4 o' clock I raced out the door and booked it home. I had to gently wake Milo up from his little balled up sleepy self and place him in the carrier with one of my shirts so that he had something familiar with him. 

On the way to the vet

Once I got to the vet and gave them my information they asked for his name and what kind of cat he was. Uhhh? Who said anything about a cat? I told her he was a hedgehog and she looked at me like I was crazy. The snobby girl next to her was like "yeah, uh, like, we don't take those". Bull-fucking-shit. I JUST called this morning, this cannot be happening right now. I told her she better go talk to the vet herself because I spoke with a woman who said otherwise and this sick baby was gonna get seen. Freaking twat muffin. 

She came back saying the vet didn't want to sedate him, and I assured her in a very snarky way that he was a calm hedgie and she could kindly go fuck herself with that look and tone she was giving me. Not even lying on that one. We were seen within 5 minutes. Damn right.

A bunch of girls crowded the room waiting for me to take Milo out and oohed and aahed at his adorableness. Well duh. One of them had me place him on this giant scale that measured in kilos and I wondered to myself if anything would even show up. I should have taken a picture of him on that thing because he was thee cuteset thing of my life. The look he gave everybody was priceless. I. Die. 

He weighed like 0.067 or some shit, so cute. The vet eventually came in and Milo started hiding in my shirt since it was so bright. I explained to her everything that was going on and she asked me lots of questions about his daily routine and diet. She came to the conclusion that he either had a bacterial infection or stomach ulcers and prescribed him 2 medications and teeny tiny syringes. If it doesn't stop within a week we'll have to see a specialist in Nashville and get x-rays. He may even need surgery if it comes to that. No :/

By the time the appt was over he was in a little stress ball

Thankfully the entire visit was only 50 bucks and didn't break my bank. I headed to Petsmart to get him some treats and figure out a way to get him to take his meds. Perhaps I shall smother his mealworms in it... I'll think of something.

His meds :/
Getting yummy mealies after the day he's had
Snuggling back in bed

I just hope my baby is okay. 

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