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If you don't know this by now, J does NOT like to take pictures.
He will occasionally allow his mother, sister, and sometimes myself to snap a quick one if it involves our nephews, something cool, or beer. The typical picture, however, is of him not knowing and me just clicking away. Sometimes he's drunk and all for it. Other times he's just amusing me and will flash a fake smile before getting annoyed with me for wanting a real smile. But usually, he hates it.

You will rarely ever see him grace the pages of my blog, and wonder sometimes if he even exists. It's okay, I get that a lot. Yes, my husband does indeed in fact exist, even though all the pictures of me by myself make it seem like I go to tons of places all on my own like a complete loser. Thanks, babe. 

So I decided to make a post solely about him using the small amount of pictures I have of him. I excluded the ones with me in it because I don't think those count. I also excluded ones with too many friends and family members out of courtesy and the fact that it's more fun just using the ones of him since they appear more genuine.

I present to you, my husband:

Beer games

He used to smoke but he quit last June

His birthday present from me [he gives me that lip a lot]

With our nephew on his R&R

The next year after coming home from deployment with same nephew

Too adorable

Enjoying a ride at our marriage retreat
At the parthenon in Nashville

The babies love crawling all over him
Especially Milo

Always biting his shirts

Ski shots
Dress blue for promotion board
Waiting on Black Friday in Toy Story couch
Playing Guitar Hero at Chuck E Cheese
Posing with some sword from a Final Fantasy video game
Home from deployment catching up on missed holidays

So there you have it. He is too cute right? Yeah well, for serious though he would kill me if he found out this post existed so we gotta keep it on the DL. And when I say that I mean you- mama and seester!

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1 comment

  1. I love them!! He is so silly! I tried to look at them on my phone yesterday but they were too small. lol


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