Anniversary Shenanigans

Morning everyone!
I assume you all loathe the fact that it's Monday again, as do I. That weekend went by way too fast and I don't know about you but I did not get enough sleep. I have no idea why I feel so restless. I digress.

Anyway, I'm glad I did a little recap of our past 2 years together because I could not get J to agree to take a picture with me. He's such a fucking punk. Did you notice that out of 2 whole years together I only had a handful of pictures of us? Most people have more than that in a single Facebook album! Apparently he hates the way he looks. What a girl.

Since he's been in WLC which has him doing 16 hour days we celebrated our anniversary on Saturday by going out to Nashville. We got the car serviced and I found out we have navigation and touch screen, woot woot. Now I can never get lost in that thing. Win.

Then it was off to The Cheesecake Factory! Knowing it was a busy Saturday I honestly did not expect J to be willing to go there. But he said he knew how much I loved it so I had an aww moment and was happy. While we waited for our little doo-hickey to vibrate we walked around the ritzy mall that we cannot afford. I was looking forward to browsing Betsey Johnson and asking J for a birthday purse but they took it out of the mall! How rude. 

I got my little complimentary Godiva truffle for my birthday and J said I could order whatever I wanted. Sweet. You bet your ass I got the Flying Gorilla. It's basically a banana chocolate shake with liquor. Yum.

Since we can't even window shop in that mall cause seriously, we'd have to give up our first born child as a down payment on any item, we went to the normal-people mall and J followed me around while I browsed through endless racks of dresses and shoes. That boy is a champ when it comes to mall adventures- doesn't complain or nothin. We ended up in this earthy-type store that made me sleepy with it's stoner vibe and landed on these adorable owl statues. Our love for owls runs deep. They represent hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, which J thought was awesome because that just so happens to be his chest piece. They made the perfect touch on our dresser.

Hope your weekend was awesome!

P.S. My birthday is tomorrow!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! The owls were a great pick :)

  2. Happy Anniversary. Love the owls!

  3. Sounds like a great time :) You looked great

  4. Happy Anniversary! Hubby just did WLC at the beginning of summer and now he's in VA for the month doing ALC. At least I get to see him next week!


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