August Ipsy Bag

I had wanted to post yesterday with the Boys Behind the Blog but J had to stay overnight in his WLC class so he wasn't even home from Tuesday to Thursday. Boo, you whore. Hate Army sometimes. So I focused on my homework instead of blogging because that is priority numero uno...most of the time. I try not to procrastinate too much but lezbehonest- I am the queen of waiting til the last minute, when it comes to school. J is the king of last minute with everything and it drives me banana sandwich! Now I'm rambling. Onto the point...

My Ipsy bag came, yay! I find myself getting giddy when I open my mailbox and seeing that little pink package inside. Think I'm turnin into a girl! I had wondered what the theme of the month would be since July was beachy, especially August being my birthday month I always want things to be super special. Like every time I open a calendar I head straight for August to see if I got a good picture- you know you do too! 

I'm not entirely sure what Glamour Academy is but I'm guessing I am now apart of it. So yeah, pretty sweet. You guys totally need to jump on this Ipsy bandwagon because I am lovin it. And no, not like McDonalds, because they are gross. Okay I lied a little, I started to eat their fries again. But that's it! Annnnnd I'm rambling again. Grr.

Items Included:

-Michael Todd Facial scrub
-Pacifica Multi-mineral bb cream
-Noya Natural lip balm
-Pixi Lash Booster mascara
-City Color Cheek stain

I personally feel like they should have sent me a cupcake since it's my birthday month. But whatevs, I forgive you Ipsy.

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  1. gahhh I want to do one. Stupid saving money :(

  2. Loveeee your blog template. Like totally swooning. And I'm swooning over that Ipsy bag. Ugh. Neeeed.
    New follower here! Looking forward to reading more.

    XO Fal

  3. I love ipsy! This month's bag was fabulous. I love the Pacifica bb cream.

  4. Still haven't gotten mine yet! (I think it's arriving today!) Can't wait :)


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