Cara Box Reveal [August]

Hey Lovebugs, Happy Friday

As you all know I like to partake in Kaitlyn's Cara Box Exchange every other month to meet new bloggers and send'receive special gifts. It's a wonderful experience that is meant to bring this community even closer by getting to know two very special ladies and putting together a package based on the theme of the month.

The rules will be changing come September so if you want to participate make sure to check out Wifessionals. This month was based on our age and life cycle. I was categorized in "23-29, married", so I was paired with Ashley and Gentel who are also in that same stage of life.

I sent Gentel a box I hope she loves and Ashley sent me some goodies that I absolutely adored. Make sure to check out both ladies' blogs!

This girl really paid attention to detail because she hit the nail right on the head with me.
These things are the exact color scheme of my bedroom and I friggin love it!
It seriously is teal and dark grey with white owls!
This chick rocks so hard.
It has all found a place in my room.

Items received:
White owl bank
dark grey decor plate
Teal earrings
Essie nailpolish in Naughty Nautical
California state necklace

I especially appreciated her choosing something that is so very dear to my heart- the love of my home state. It seriously means a lot to me, thanks girl.
Much love.

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  1. Wowww Ashley did a GREAT job!!! I love everything you received :)

  2. What an awesome box! I'm so jealous of that owl!

  3. I'm so glad you liked everything!!! I had so much fun picking stuff out for you! :)


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