Mutual Weirdness

Today marks 2 years of marriage for me and J!
Although we've been together longer, today is the day we celebrate when our love for each other became official to the world and my last name was legally changed. If you haven't read my marriage link, then you may not know our little story of when two weirdos became one dorky couple.

We have not yet had a wedding although we are married because the military does shit like that making people furious for screwing up their lives, and on multiple occasions. Our wedding has been postponed THREE times. But I'm not gonna get into that. Anywho, he got orders to deploy right after we had gotten engaged so he flew to Afghanistan while I planned a wedding for when he came back. Well in our heads we figured if we were gonna get married anyway, we might as well do it on paper and use the BAH money to put towards the wedding. So when he came home for his 2 week R&R we got hitched in Vegas and it took all of 2 minutes with no witnesses. We decided to keep it a secret and pretend to still be engaged for our families sake.

Long story short all that shit didn't end up working out and here we are still wedding-less. Today should have been the day we finally had it, but I digress. Because of this, I have no wedding pictures of me in a pretty dress proudly displayed in our living room like most couples. Instead I have these...

Hey, at least I'm wearing white. We took these before we headed to the courthouse. Afterwards when I could actually call myself his wife, we went to Gigi's Cupcakes and got 2 "wedding cake" cupcakes and bought some vodka and celebrated in our hotel room. I'm pretty sure you all know what happened next. But yeah, while most people call it their wedding day, I refer to August 2nd, 2011 as "the day we got married". 

And now I give to you some random pictures of us throughout our 2 years as a married couple. Pretty sure this is the most you have seen of J so far, and all in one post! Enjoy.

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  1. Happy 2 year anniversary of the day you got married! And hey, someday you'll have your white wedding and it will mean that much more to you!

  2. Happy anniversary! If I could go back and re-do my wedding day, I would have just eloped. It was super stressful and a lot of work! I do appreciate the photos, but hey, it's been 5 years and not even one of them has made it into a picture frame anywhere in my home... Lol.

    Kayla, NGF ;)

  3. I love love your bangs!!! And Happy Anniversaryyy!!! <3

  4. Y'all are way too adorable together! Happy anniversary! I hope you're actually able to plan a wedding and have it soon. That's so horrible that it has been delayed three times. Sigh.

  5. I feel your pain, the Army certainly does like to mess with lives! My husband and I just got married on the quick before he was sent to S. Korea for a yearlong hardship tour. We had the same feelings about putting the stocked up BAH towards a "real" wedding, and did a simple civil ceremony in the meantime. We considered not telling anyone but it would have been far too complicated, as I assume it got for you! Have no fear, you'll get the "real" wedding some day, and it'll be totally worth it, and then you'll get to celebrate being together more often than once a year!

    Glad I found the blog. I'll be following from Bloglovin'! :)

    Lauren @ Going Green: Our Army Adventure

  6. I just can’t believe that you've already postponed your wedding thrice, and you still ended up together. That’s one of the magical things that can happen to you! To some, it may be really odd. But I think, these odds are what brought you together. Too bad you didn’t have the chance to wear a wedding dress. Tsk! Haha!



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