My Sick Quillbaby

Milo has fallen ill and it has been stressing me out for the past 2 weeks.

One night while snuggling in my lap he simply looked up at me and began to throw up mushy yellow gunk. I immediately panicked and Googled his symptoms, which was a bad idea cause we all know how Google makes us think we are going to die. So yeah, that idea did not help one bit. J told me to calm down and that it was probably a one time thing from a stale treat.

Two days later he did it again. I threw out his treats and replaced everything in his cage hoping it wouldn't happen a third time. I thought I was in the clear until a couple days later while I was cleaning out his fleece and bed I noticed yellow stains all over his bedding. My heart sank. Had he secretly been throwing up this whole time? Apparently hedgehogs are really good at hiding pain and sickness so I freaked out and ran to tell J. Once again he reassured me that things were okay. How could he say this? Obviously shit was not okay and something was wrong with our baby. I began looking up exotic vets in the area and jotting down phone numbers for when the week came.

Yesterday morning he threw up all over me. That was the last straw. I was seeing a damn vet if it killed me. I just didn't know how to go about it. Once I put the baby down for his nap I stepped outside and started calling vet after vet hoping to come across one who saw exotic animals. No such luck. I Googled some more and called so many places I began to lose hope. How can they be legal in this state and no one sees them? Was I going to have to drive hours away? One lady referred me to someone in Nashville. I didn't have that kind of time and couldn't leave work in order to make it before they closed, not to mention it was 100 dollars just to see him.

I was running out of options until someone told me a clinic not too far from my house occasionally saw pocket pets. It was worth a try. The woman on the phone told me only one lady could look after him and that she was there until 6. Perfect. The charge was 40 dollars. Even better. I was so happy I almost woke the baby up with excitement. Then I began to get nervous. What if something was really wrong with Milo? How would this woman handle him? Would he be scared out of his mind and wonder where his mama was? That was soon all I could think about.

Those next 5 hours went by so slowly and my stomach was in knots. As soon as my phone said 4 o' clock I raced out the door and booked it home. I had to gently wake Milo up from his little balled up sleepy self and place him in the carrier with one of my shirts so that he had something familiar with him. 

On the way to the vet

Once I got to the vet and gave them my information they asked for his name and what kind of cat he was. Uhhh? Who said anything about a cat? I told her he was a hedgehog and she looked at me like I was crazy. The snobby girl next to her was like "yeah, uh, like, we don't take those". Bull-fucking-shit. I JUST called this morning, this cannot be happening right now. I told her she better go talk to the vet herself because I spoke with a woman who said otherwise and this sick baby was gonna get seen. Freaking twat muffin. 

She came back saying the vet didn't want to sedate him, and I assured her in a very snarky way that he was a calm hedgie and she could kindly go fuck herself with that look and tone she was giving me. Not even lying on that one. We were seen within 5 minutes. Damn right.

A bunch of girls crowded the room waiting for me to take Milo out and oohed and aahed at his adorableness. Well duh. One of them had me place him on this giant scale that measured in kilos and I wondered to myself if anything would even show up. I should have taken a picture of him on that thing because he was thee cuteset thing of my life. The look he gave everybody was priceless. I. Die. 

He weighed like 0.067 or some shit, so cute. The vet eventually came in and Milo started hiding in my shirt since it was so bright. I explained to her everything that was going on and she asked me lots of questions about his daily routine and diet. She came to the conclusion that he either had a bacterial infection or stomach ulcers and prescribed him 2 medications and teeny tiny syringes. If it doesn't stop within a week we'll have to see a specialist in Nashville and get x-rays. He may even need surgery if it comes to that. No :/

By the time the appt was over he was in a little stress ball

Thankfully the entire visit was only 50 bucks and didn't break my bank. I headed to Petsmart to get him some treats and figure out a way to get him to take his meds. Perhaps I shall smother his mealworms in it... I'll think of something.

His meds :/
Getting yummy mealies after the day he's had
Snuggling back in bed

I just hope my baby is okay. 

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  1. Awww! Sick babies are the worst! Hope everything works out for you and Milo.

  2. Oh no!! I hope he's okay. Maybe he's stressed because he has a new brother. :(

  3. Awe, poor Milo. I hope he gets better! What a sweetie!

  4. Taking your pet to the vet is so hard but I'm glad you got it figured out!

    Stopping by to say hi since we are in the same blogger FF league!

  5. awe. I am so glad you got him somewhere and i hope he feels better SOON!

  6. Poor Milo. I hope he feels better soon.

  7. Aww Poor Milo! Fingers crossed that he gets better soon. It's so hard to see fur babies in pain :(

  8. Oh no :( I hope the medicine does the trick, and that he doesn't have to have surgery!


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