Some Things Happened.

Hey everyone, what's the haps?

Oh your weekend was lovely too? That's awesome, yo. Me? Yeah, same ol, same ol. I'll get to the gist since these little recaps are honestly starting to bore me. No offense to Ms. Sami but unless I do something crazy extravagant I feel that I should start keeping these to a minimum. So this will be the last one for awhile.

Friday couldn't possibly have gone any more slower, sweet jesus. I mean holy balls- could the weekend just arrive already! So I'm driving home all doom and gloom, and the weather seems to be accompanying my mood, when I decide let's check the mailbox to see if Mr. I'm Always Late Delivering the Mail Guy actually came on time. Wouldn't you know it- there was a package!

Look at all the hedgehogs! I. Die.

Leave it to Gayle to brighten up my Friday and get my weekend started off great. Love that girl! 

Saturday was spent finally sleeping in and cuddling J since he was gone for awhile. Yay couples stuff. Went to the movies and saw Kick Ass 2. Shit was intense. Fuckin love Hit Girl. She is now my idol, don't even care that she's younger than me and has no titties. It's all good, bro. 

The couple that wears bright pants together, stays together

This was my dinner. Jelly?

The main thing I would like to announce is that I stumbled upon the Boys Behind the Blog series and decided we were gonna conquer it. So this entire week will be taken over by J. Not personally, cause there is no way in hell I would trust that boy with this here blog-diggity. God only knows what he would write about.....sorry. I was too busy shuddering at the thought. Anyway, the entire week will be about the man I call my husband. I'm even letting him pick the jam for Whitty's backthatazzup! Shocking, I know. Can I trust him? We shall see.

Dun dun dun!!!!

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  1. I love getting "us" time with tevy, i def. needed it over the weekend and I got it :)

    I am anxious to read what J has to say :)

  2. OMG LOL. I love your dinner. Seriously.

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I love snail mail. So glad you got to see your boy.


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