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Lots of random thoughts have been flashing through my head as the past 2 weeks have gone by in a blur. Can we say Blurred Lines anyone? An understatement to say the least. So stressed. My noggin is a total clusterfuck right now with worries, opinions, emotions, everything.

If someone were trapped in my brain I'm afraid they might go mad at the images of giant teddy bears floating along a river of grape juice doing psychology homework. I'm telling you- you don't want in on this. Wanna see a glimpse though? Yeh, you know you do. Just a taste.

- Grape juice is the tastiest drink of the week

- Milo's nails are getting hella long and it's freaking me the fuck out

- The fact that I keep saying 'hella' is proof my boss says it way too much and has become an unfortunate influence

- Why was the Nsync reunion so short?! Bet those guys worked out for 6 months for that 30 seconds of screen time

- What in the holy fuck was Miley doing? I can't, I just, there are no words. Other than Liam needs to run fast and run far. The Smith family reaction pretty much sums it up

- Can someone do my damn homework, please?

- J never came home Friday night from being out with his friends and I didn't see him until 2 in the afternoon the next day. Having a hard time letting that boy outta my sight now. The punk.

- Finding out Ben Affleck will be playing Batman is like going through all the stages of grief at once

- I wish I had magical powers and that I could do anything ever in the history of the world. I'd start with making myself beautiful and incapable of gaining weight. Then I'd make Justin Bieber disappear.

- People have come back into my life that I'm not sure is a good thing

- Making friends as an adult is like going on a bunch of blind dates but worse because it's with women. Bitches be crazy

- I'm super stoked to be apart of the Messy Project this month! Tomorrow is the reveal!

Fuckin fine,
Catch ya on the flip side
[brownie points if you can name that movie]

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1 comment

  1. BOONDOCK saints!!!!!!!

    only knew this because of my ex husband! soon as i read it I KNEW IT! haha i am lame.


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