September Ipsy Bag

Has it seriously been another month? Wasn't it just May and now I'm already getting ready for Halloween? Yikes. Time flies, yo.

I'm not even gonna lie to you, I'm hardly using all of the things I get from these glam bags. Not that they suck, in fact I'm the one that sucks. Since I barely use makeup products in the first place it's hard to keep up every month. My little drawer is overflowing and I'm contemplating putting my subscription on hold. But then again the price is so good for all the stuff you get. What to do, what to do.

Anyway, the theme of this month was Classic Beauty. So it focused on the face itself which I liked.

Items Included:
Feeling Beautiful Facial Purifying Paper Mask in
Star Fruit/ Blue Agave/ Rose
Nyx eyeshadow in Cryptonite
It's So Big Volumizing mascara
Star Looks Eye Pencil in Kohl
J, Cat lipstick in Honeycrisp

I can't wait to try the masks!

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  1. i really need to sign up for this!

  2. I thought this month's bag was great! We got almost the same bag except I got the lip tint instead of the lipstick. So far I've used the mascara and eyeliner. I think I was most impressed that the eyeliner was a full size! Enjoy!

  3. ah, that rose mask looks wonderful! i'd love to try that!

    lindsey louise


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