A Hollywood Halloween

Happy Halloween-hump day!

Of course it's not actually Halloween, but today is the one-time linkup with Sarah and Helene talking about all things spooky! Since it can be about anything related to All Hallow's Eve, I decided to bring up one of my past Halloweens that happened to be the most interesting.

Even though J was in Afghanistan that year, Halloween 2011 was the best for 2 reasons- it's the last one I got to spend with my family and friends [and was my nephew's first one that I made his costume for :)] and where me and my girls ended up- West Hollywood, baby! You know shit gets interesting when it involves dressing up AND the awesome gay community. So be prepared to be bombarded with photos!

My adorable nephew Zeus. He was Jack-Jack from The Incredibles

Since J was off at war during the time where cute couples costumes reign, I decided not to do a group thing and honor him by being an "Army Brat" complete with his dog tags and my 'combat boots', which by the way are super sexy and amazingly comfy. Surprising enough, none of the boyfriends were present, so what's a group of girls to do? Go to West Hollywood of course! You never know what you're going to get there and considering they shut down the town and throw a parade we knew that was the place to be!

What a crazy night that was. I tried taking a picture with every other 'branch' I could find- a cop, a sailor, SWAT guy, and yes, the fireman with the penis hose. Didn't even notice that until I saw the picture and I busted out laughing. Courtney was so excited when she found her Jason, and at one point I think Becca found Joker and Harleyquinn. Everyone left satisfied! Seriously though, those people were insane, but the good kind. My fav was hands down the Ghostbusters, although I'm not sure that guy should be smoking at a gas station. If he dies he could haunt his partners haha silly me. The moment I got home I skype-called J and told him everything. I'm so happy this year we can do a couples costume! 

Stay tuned for next week when I upload pics from my Halloween party on Saturday! 
Over and out.

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  1. WHOA. Ok, it is official, I need to go to West Hollywood for Halloween. Your pics are awesome

  2. wow these costumes are crazy awesome!!! people really get into it- that is so fun!

  3. Woah you met some really amazing peeps with coolest costumes! Aww the cookie monster!

  4. This looks like so much fun! The ghostbusters costume is AWESOME!

  5. OMG I love your costume! and LOOK it's Becca!! Small world.

    Also, did you go to Tiger Heat? I went Halloween 2010 there...IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO WEIRD IF IT WAS THE SAME YEAR.

    Okay, I'm obviously really excited about this post and miss talking to you BUT we will be hanging out in like 2 weeks? WOOO


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