Halloween is my FAVORITE time of the year.

I love all things spooky and gothic, and let's not forget the awesome movies and dressing up! I mean can you really say no to Hocus Pocus? I think not. You know damn well that no matter how old you are, no matter how many times you've seen it, once you see that movie on your tv guide you press enter and journey with Max and the gang to defeat the Sanderson sisters. Even though you're like me and secretly love them and kinda wish they had won in the end. Would have been way more interesting, that's all I'm sayin.

One of the main reasons I love All Hallow's Eve so much is the decorating. I will use any little excuse to decorate my house and come October I bring out the big guns. I go nuts with all things creepy and pumpkins and make my house spooktacular. I try to stay away from the corny/cheesy type decor because I hate tacky things. My thing is classic and vintage and I stick to it. I only own a few cutesy things so I tuck them away in the bathrooms. 

I finished the inside of my house and now all I gotta do is the front porch, which I've been waiting for the shitty weather to subside so I can hurry up and get to it. Hopefully this will inspire you to make your house an awesomely creepy place to be. Or you can just come to mine in a wicked cool costume and party it up with us. Your choice.

my bookshelf transformation

It took me forever to do that damn chandelier, but it was way worth it. I hid the snickers in the Deadly Nightshade since the other jar is clear. J has gone through the candy like a friggin 5 year old on crack, so the snickers are mine! Just don't be a tattle tale and rat me out. I'll come find you if you get in the way of me and chocolate. No joke, homie.

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  1. Your house looks fab! I'm a little jealous, I wish I'd picked up some fall décor when I was in England as it pretty much doesn't exist here in Norway :(

  2. I love it! We just raided the $1 bins at Target last night for some fun decor, though they tend to lean more cutesy there. I love that your decorations are "classy haunted house" instead of "smiling ghosts and pumpkins threw up everywhere" lol

  3. i am jealous!!! Your house looks awesome. I need/want to decorate for fall and halloween and just haven't been shopping yet.

    BTW. if you are interested, head over to my blog me and a couple other ladies are hosting a fall swap.

  4. I love it and wish I could come to your Halloween party :(( and you should come decorate our house!


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