The Halloween Spirit

For everyone who hates Mondays because you have to go to work- boo hoo. Try waking up at the ass crack of dawn just to get a shitload of shots in your neck. Then tell me how bad your Monday sucks...yeah, didn't think so. So shut your lips.
On to happier and cuter things...I finished decorating outside the house and managed to not mess up my little pumpkin project. I got 5 different sized pumpkins for each member of the family and decorated them rather than carving them. It was super easy and you all should do the same to add a little cuteness to your house. 
Something even more adorable than that? I managed to get pictures of the babies with their pumpkins before putting them outside. I even got one with both of them in it! It took some patience and a lot of mealworms but it was a success! So now I'm using that picture in a contest Petco is having for the cutest Halloween animal and it would be awesome if you went and voted for my babies!Their hedgie cuteness needs to be shared with the world!
Picture time!

 photo signature-19.png
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  1. Omg your hedgies are so precious! You should definitely win that Petco contest hands down! I can never get Flitwick to sit still for pictures. And he hates treats! He's so weird.

  2. OH MY GOSH, your decorations are so cute!!! What a fun idea with the pumpkins. And I voted for you!

  3. Those look so good! Nicely done.


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