You Gotta Bat Your Eyes Like This..

Welcome to the late train, people.

Anyone know what movie that title line is from? If you don't we seriously can't be friends anymore. Super cereal.

Anywho, so everyone around these parts knows that I'm not very girly. I'm trying, but lezbihonest, it's not really working out very well. I signed up for Ipsy in hopes that I would dabble more in makeup, I started buying more girly clothes in hopes that I would actually wear them, but so far it's very teeny tiny baby steps I've been taking when it comes to actually going through with it.

So I was on Buzzfeed because I get that bored sometimes, and I came across an article saying that girls need to stop being such babies when it comes to fake eyelashes. Uhhh, say whaaa? Fuck whoever wrote that, those things scare the ever living hell outta me. When it involves my eyeballs that let me see the world, I'm not really willing to possibly screw that up to look like a creepy China doll. 

But then I got intrigued. Because apparently you don't need to apply mascara when wearing those bad boys and I'm all about simplifying anything that lets me walk out the door that much quicker. Also, I am not a morning person so you'll usually never catch me wearing makeup anyway because I wanna sleep damnit! Ain't nobody got time for that!

So I decided to investigate these thingamajiggers and came to the conclusion that if they were to grace my ojos then someone else would have to do it because I don't trust myself for a second. I stumbled upon the awesome cheap site known as Groupon and purchased a set of extensions that only last about 2 weeks, just in case I didn't end up liking them. 

Before: My natural lashes

After: Flares

The proof is in the pudding folks. It only took about 15-20 minutes to apply and they don't feel weird. I'm lovin these things because my eyes look dramatic without me having to do anything. I can just walk out the door ready for the day and I look carelessly fabulous. Win.

Would you ever get lash extensions?

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  1. I have pretty long eye lashes anyways, but i wouldnt mind trying these out! They look great on you

  2. Holy crap. Well first of all, your eyelashes are beautiful to begin with, but wow are the groupon ones beautiful!!!


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