Heartfelt Hump Day

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Today is the best hump day of all people!

Wanna know why? Of course you wanna know why. Duh. Today is not only the day before Thanksgiving, but it's also my mommy's birthday! Yep, still call her mommy, or mama. You got a problem with that?

That woman is 45 years old today. Yes, I did just put her age on blast. No worries though because majority of people think she's my older sister. Don't know why. Not only does she barely look like my mother considering she's short and mexican and I'm tall and white, how on earth does she look like a sibling? My siblings barely look like my siblings. I digress.

So this post is gonna be a double whammy because how else am I gonna let people know why my mom rocks way harder than yours while also shoving down people's throats why my life is pretty awesome cause it can also be worse? That was a long sentence but yeah, just trying to be thankful for what I've got cause there are people who have much less than I do, so if I say it out loud, or write it, I'll feel better.

1. She acts like a weirdo and doesn't care who sees it. Seriously, I'd be embarrassed to be seen with her if I didn't act the same way myself. Like mother, like daughter.

2. She uses movie quotes throughout regular conversation. They're always relevant and you better know what she's talking about so you can play along.

3. She crinkles her nose when she's skeptical of you. Yeah, she calls you out on your bullshit.

4. She cares way too much. It doesn't matter how much bad shit you've done or if you're being stupid, she'll still drop everything to help you.

5. She gets giddy over little things. I can buy her fast food and she'll act like I just bought her a Chanel purse.

6. She's stuck in the 80s. I mean, can you blame her?

7. Her fashion sense. She still rocks vans and converse on a daily basis and wants you to get on board too.

8. Her generosity. She'll go months without buying something for herself to ensure her family is provided for.

9. Her sense of humor. Sometimes the things that come out of her mouth straight baffle me. But it also causes me to laugh hysterically until no sound comes out and my face turns lobster red.

10. Her laugh. It's a mixture of Julia Roberts and a hyena, but it's so hilarious you'll end up laughing at her for laughing at a tv show more than the show itself. Even if it wasn't funny, if she's laughing you will be too.

There are way more reasons I love this woman, but obviously because she's my mother and not yours. You jelly?

1. Target Redcard. I know damn well I'm not the only person who walks into Target with 3 things in mind and comes out with picture frames, dollar items, and brand new curtains. It pays to save 5%.

2. My television. We got it last Black Friday and since I haven't been working it's become my new best friend. We'll say good bye to it this Black Friday. We're upgrading, I don't think it knows yet.

3. Milo and Kol. A week after Christmas J will deploy for 9 months. Those little spikeballs will be the only thing keeping me company until he returns.

4. Zaxby's sauce. Since moving to the South I've had to give up a shit ton of yummy fast food since it does not exist out here. Come to find that I have fallen hard for Zaxby's and their delicious dipping sauce. They're building one literally across the street from my house. Hallelujah!

5. Malibu rum. It goes great with EVERYTHING! I might be a lush...

6. The interwebz. Without it I couldn't buy things from stores that are no longer near me. Like Disneyland. I need my fix.

7. My dishwasher. Whoever invented that things deserves a friggin medal. I loathe dishes with a fiery burning passion and this thing takes care of that for me while I sip rum on my couch watching tv with my hedgies.

8. Tom Hiddleston. Sweet jesus mother of god this man is so insanely beautiful I literally can't help myself. He is the reason I saw Thor 2, he is the reason I watch The Avengers once a week, and he is the reason I have him as my desktop background instead of my pets. 

9. Navigation. Without it I would always be lost and probably end up in Georgia when driving the freeway...it's happened before...

10. Yoga pants. Cause who the fuck wants to willingly wear jeans?

That pretty much sums up my list of reasons to continue to be a lazy ass. Of course I'm thankful for my family and friends and that my husband has a job, but those are the basic things and everyone should have a fun list of things that make them so happy they would possibly die without them.

 What are you thankful for?

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Adventures in Cali

I know, I know. I'm late to the party once again. 

I've been meaning to upload all my pictures from California but ever since I got back it's been pure chaos. The holidays, starting up school again, job hunting, and dealing with the frenzy that is J deploying soon. I just need it all to stop for a second so I can catch my breath. Getting a little dizzy here!

So fair warning, most of my pictures are yummy food that I stuffed my face with because come on, why not. I miss it so much and if I wasn't in school I'd legit drive the 24 hours back down there to taste a delicious In n' Out burger again. Now I'm making myself hungry...

I miss it.

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Fall Cara Box

Hello beautiful people!

As you're reading this I am on a plane back to Tennessee to be with my husband and little babies who I miss ever so much. Today is finally the day to link up with Kaitlyn to showcase our awesome boxes we received. I almost forgot about the link up due to the new schedule in place.

Never heard of Cara Box? You're missin out! It has a different sign up of every 3 months, but the premise is still the same- you get paired up with 2 lovely ladies and get take the time to get to know each other. Maybe stalk the crap out of their blog too, whatever's good for you. I don't judge. Then you send a box tailored to the specific theme and personality of your partner and receive one as well! Super fun.

The last sign up was in September so the theme was Fall. I'm so glad because that is my favorite time of the year! Bust out the boots and scarves, I'm totally on board. I was lucky enough to be paired with some awesome bloggers, Megan and Annalee

Megan and I had so much in common! Our names, our home state being California, and our love of Disney runs so deep we have both worked for the House of Mouse. Crazy! She hit it right on the head when she sent me my box. Seriously, everything in there screamed Megan. It was a tad scary.

A little bit of Halloween, a little bit of Fall, a lot Megan

Items included:
Halloween coasters
Halloween stickers
Pumpkin candle
Yummy candy
Pack of chapstick
Handmade scarf

My addiction to chapstick runs deep and she sent me a whole pack! She thought ahead since it's gonna get cold as balls here and my lips will dry out faster than beef jerky. She sent a little bit of Halloween love since I'm completely obsessed with the holiday and gave me more chocolate than my tummy can handle. But it's okay cause she knows what a sneaky sneak J is about getting into candy so she sent enough for the both of us. Pretty sure it's all gone by now. That punk. Top of it off with my fav candle from Bath and Body Works and the comfiest scarf ever and you've got the best box for Fall! Thanks, love!

Want in on this fun? Sign up for Cara Box here!

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The Battle of Fall

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It's not really a battle considering it's Tennessee versus California and there's actually nature in the South- that changes. California doesn't really like to follow seasons. It's got it's own agenda down. Summer, summer, and more summer. With a dash of summer.
So before I left home on my journey to the West I took a couple pictures on walks to showcase the beautiful change of season that is Fall. No matter how much I miss California, it will never have anything on Tennessee's Fall. The mixture of colors is just heavenly and I'm smitten with all the lovely leaves of the forest. Upon arriving in Cali, and immediately having to rip off my jacket cause it was hot as fuck, I had a little epiphany to take photos here and compare the season of different locations. West vs South.
leaves, forest, color, cold

palm trees, hills, mountains, heat

Both are completely beautiful in their own right, but the South wins hands down when it comes to Fall.

Are you Team South or Team West?

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The Many Colors of Megan

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I'm a total chameleon when it comes to my hair. I've done every color there is [mostly in high school] and I thought once I became an adult I should refrain from doing anything crazy out of fear for losing a job or something like that. Besides going a little darker shade of brown, I haven't done anything to my hair in well over 2 years.

I had been really bored with my hair but I figured adults just don't do anything with their hair because it was the mature thing to stay natural. Well ta hell with that. I finally couldn't take it any longer and decided to go back to red. I LOVE when my hair is red. It's the only time I've ever been "gloaty" or "cocky" because I know damn well I look good in that color. I don't consider it conceited cause I also know I look completely disgusting as a blonde. I don't like it and it doesn't like me. At all. 

Well for me to go that light when my hair is brown- I needed to lighten it. Meaning bust out the bleach, baby! I loathe The Transition Period. It's the amount of time I give myself before going to the final phase of Operation Red so I don't fry my hair and send it into shock mode. Upon doing this I started getting compliments here and there on my ashy-dirty blonde hair. Was this a joke? Are people serious? This nasty color? Apparently so. Maybe it worked with my tan. Riddle me this.

Which do you like best? 


Well of course my pick is red. Look at that contrast! So pretty. Plus it's nice and bright without going too over the top. I think I shall keep it for awhile. And by awhile I probably mean a year. Downfall is you have to dye it every month cause that shit fades way too fast. That makes me a sad panda. Oh well.

Thinking about going red now? I certainly would!

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Sweet Home Tennessee

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I miss home. Like, a lot.
I've only been gone a week but I'm already homesick. Super pathetic.

Well, I'm not that pathetic, because I have specific things I miss. Things I don't have here that are starting to drive me banana sandwich. I wish I could combine the 2 places. Grr!

my babies
After the second day of being in California I was missing my little ones like crazy. I spend every night with them and I was hoping they were doing okay. J called me last night to tell me Kol has been behaving very oddly and he escaped from his cage, which he hasn't done since the day we brought him home...I wonder if he's acting out because he misses mama.

my husband
Of course I miss the boy. I've been having the hardest time sleeping and I think it's because J isn't laying there next to me. This next deployment is really gonna suck.

my privacy
I'm currently sharing a room with my 14 year old sister. Dramatic is an understatement. Enough said.

my car
Holy shitballs, I am going nuts over here. I hate being stranded, especially in a place where there is so much to do. I'm usually always on the go and relying on other people for rides is not something I handle well.

my space
I have a pretty open floor plan in my house. My mother has a small apartment where there is no where to escape to. Not to mention the neighbors across from us are loud as shit. I sleep right by the window which is by the front door so I can hear everything. I'm trying to refrain from slappin a bitch.

I'm here for one more week. I love seeing everyone, but I honestly cannot wait to go back home. And sleep.

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Autumn is Upon Us!

Bye bye Halloween, hello Autumn Harvest

I know Fall officially happens at the end of September, but for me it happens once November arrives and the weather is in full force while the leaves have completely turned. Looooooooove it!

And even though I'm currently in California where literally none of that is taking place, I just had to decorate the house a little before I left. If J's friends head over he might be a tad embarrassed, but I don'r give a shit. Plus there's owl everywhere! Who doesn't like owls?

Yay Fall!

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