Fall Cara Box

Hello beautiful people!

As you're reading this I am on a plane back to Tennessee to be with my husband and little babies who I miss ever so much. Today is finally the day to link up with Kaitlyn to showcase our awesome boxes we received. I almost forgot about the link up due to the new schedule in place.

Never heard of Cara Box? You're missin out! It has a different sign up of every 3 months, but the premise is still the same- you get paired up with 2 lovely ladies and get take the time to get to know each other. Maybe stalk the crap out of their blog too, whatever's good for you. I don't judge. Then you send a box tailored to the specific theme and personality of your partner and receive one as well! Super fun.

The last sign up was in September so the theme was Fall. I'm so glad because that is my favorite time of the year! Bust out the boots and scarves, I'm totally on board. I was lucky enough to be paired with some awesome bloggers, Megan and Annalee

Megan and I had so much in common! Our names, our home state being California, and our love of Disney runs so deep we have both worked for the House of Mouse. Crazy! She hit it right on the head when she sent me my box. Seriously, everything in there screamed Megan. It was a tad scary.

A little bit of Halloween, a little bit of Fall, a lot Megan

Items included:
Halloween coasters
Halloween stickers
Pumpkin candle
Yummy candy
Pack of chapstick
Handmade scarf

My addiction to chapstick runs deep and she sent me a whole pack! She thought ahead since it's gonna get cold as balls here and my lips will dry out faster than beef jerky. She sent a little bit of Halloween love since I'm completely obsessed with the holiday and gave me more chocolate than my tummy can handle. But it's okay cause she knows what a sneaky sneak J is about getting into candy so she sent enough for the both of us. Pretty sure it's all gone by now. That punk. Top of it off with my fav candle from Bath and Body Works and the comfiest scarf ever and you've got the best box for Fall! Thanks, love!

Want in on this fun? Sign up for Cara Box here!

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  1. awesome gifts. so fall-ish. :D love fall weather.

  2. love it!!! And seriously, screams your name so loud!!

  3. I'm so glad you liked the box! I had a ton of fun putting it together :-) Hope you had a great flight home!

    1. Hey Megalin,
      I wanted you to know that I have selected you to pass on the Liebster award, a blog award passed among blogs with under 200 followers. I selected you because I have enjoyed reading your blog posts and wanted to feature you! If you’re interested in passing the award around, check out my post and answer the questions I’ve left for you and the other nominated bloggers. If you’re not interested, you just have to do – nothing. This is all in good fun. However, I’d love to get to know you better and see your answers!
      Just follow the link to find out your questions. Have a happy Saturday!

  4. I have nominated you for the Leibster Award :)


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