The Battle of Fall

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It's not really a battle considering it's Tennessee versus California and there's actually nature in the South- that changes. California doesn't really like to follow seasons. It's got it's own agenda down. Summer, summer, and more summer. With a dash of summer.
So before I left home on my journey to the West I took a couple pictures on walks to showcase the beautiful change of season that is Fall. No matter how much I miss California, it will never have anything on Tennessee's Fall. The mixture of colors is just heavenly and I'm smitten with all the lovely leaves of the forest. Upon arriving in Cali, and immediately having to rip off my jacket cause it was hot as fuck, I had a little epiphany to take photos here and compare the season of different locations. West vs South.
leaves, forest, color, cold

palm trees, hills, mountains, heat

Both are completely beautiful in their own right, but the South wins hands down when it comes to Fall.

Are you Team South or Team West?

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