The Many Colors of Megan

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I'm a total chameleon when it comes to my hair. I've done every color there is [mostly in high school] and I thought once I became an adult I should refrain from doing anything crazy out of fear for losing a job or something like that. Besides going a little darker shade of brown, I haven't done anything to my hair in well over 2 years.

I had been really bored with my hair but I figured adults just don't do anything with their hair because it was the mature thing to stay natural. Well ta hell with that. I finally couldn't take it any longer and decided to go back to red. I LOVE when my hair is red. It's the only time I've ever been "gloaty" or "cocky" because I know damn well I look good in that color. I don't consider it conceited cause I also know I look completely disgusting as a blonde. I don't like it and it doesn't like me. At all. 

Well for me to go that light when my hair is brown- I needed to lighten it. Meaning bust out the bleach, baby! I loathe The Transition Period. It's the amount of time I give myself before going to the final phase of Operation Red so I don't fry my hair and send it into shock mode. Upon doing this I started getting compliments here and there on my ashy-dirty blonde hair. Was this a joke? Are people serious? This nasty color? Apparently so. Maybe it worked with my tan. Riddle me this.

Which do you like best? 


Well of course my pick is red. Look at that contrast! So pretty. Plus it's nice and bright without going too over the top. I think I shall keep it for awhile. And by awhile I probably mean a year. Downfall is you have to dye it every month cause that shit fades way too fast. That makes me a sad panda. Oh well.

Thinking about going red now? I certainly would!

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1 comment

  1. Love all the hair colors. I think I'm partial to the red or brunette though. You're gorgeous girl!


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