A Rustic Christmas

For once I was actually looking forward to a Monday. Last day of class and then Winter break! Aww yeh. So much to do today, so little time.

I've been by myself since the 2nd and it's been rather lonely. My mother-in-law paid for J to go to California and then Utah until the 27th, leaving me alone for a month, for the holidays, and right before J deploys [he leaves Jan. 3rd]. I was pretty depressed for awhile. 

My friend convinced me that I should still decorate the house to cheer myself up, and that's exactly what I did! Back for Halloween I mentioned how I adore vintage looking decor because it adds a little class where things can easily get very corny and cheesy. After spotting some old-timey decorations with cranberries and pinecones I knew the route I wanted to take- rustic.

I was so excited when I was able to find mini stockings for the babies that matched ours. I tried to get them to burrow in there so I could take pictures and send them to J but they were having none of that shit. Little Scrooges!

Christmas is getting closer and I really didn't want to spend it alone. I came up with this brilliant idea to invite the few military couples who are still in town over for a Christmas dinner and a night of fun and games. I got an even better surprise. Saturday night J told me he got me a plane ticket to Utah to be there the same time he will. I was so ecstatic! Christmas with the in-laws and my husband! 

I found a sitter for the babies [I've never left them alone so I'm freaking the eff out] and started cleaning the house. I leave tomorrow morning! Aaahhhhhh!!!!! Now you see why today is so hectic!

To-do list before I leave:

Wash clothes
Take out the trash
Finish homework
Give babies a bath
Clean cage
Load dishwasher
Pack suitcase

All before 5 so I can drive to Nashville for school. How am I going to be able to pay attention in class when I leave in 20 hours! 18 really, I have to leave my house by friggin 5 in the morning. I'm dreading that more than everything else combined. I'm not a morning person by any means and J will most likely see me after 3 weeks looking like Simba on a bad hair day. No bueno. 

Well I better get to it. Later!

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  1. I'm so happy to hear you're going to be with your husband for Christmas! That's amazing news. Have a safe trip!!!

  2. Your decor is adorable! Come do mine?

  3. Yay for being able to go see your honey! Your house turned out so awesome. I love the hedgie candle holder! Adorable.

  4. Yayee for being able to see your honey bunny. I know you're happy. Your house looks so festive. If that doesnt get you in a good mood then being with your honey should.


  5. Your decorations are all super cute! I love the rustic look you went with.
    I think we have the same stove and microwave!
    That's so great that you are able to spend Christmas with J!

  6. Ah so happy you don't have to spend Christmas without J! Your decorations look great my love!


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