Bath Time!

In this house we don't have fur babies, we have quill babies. And said quill babies are entertaining as hell to watch. They simply roam around on little adventures throughout the house and it's the most adorable thing you've ever seen in your life.

Annnd cue bath time. You think these little babies are precious already, add water and bubbles to the mix and you about die with the cuteness overload happening in front of you. Not to mention their tininess means being scrubbed in the sink, and trust me- these boys like to play and get silly because they know I can't resist watching them take a bubble bath. It's just too much to handle! 

Milo and Kol get a bath every two weeks, more for their poopy paws than anything else. It gets very interesting when you need to bathe two animals, but lately I've been noticing a pattern when its time for them to get soapy. They've gotten very smart and know exactly when they're going to be put in the sink, so they have developed a routine that is so precise they both do every step. This past Saturday I finally managed to capture it, and it is god damn adorable.

These pictures- I can't. I. Die. 
Isn't that last picture of Kol fucking hilarious? He's like "meh! I already got my mealies now leave me alone". 

See what I mean about the routine? Kol plays more than Milo, his curiosity gets the better of him. Milo just likes to find a hiding spot. Kol is 'the ninja hedge'- he likes to escape, Milo is 'the cuddle hedge'- he's lazy and likes to lay in your lap. Two completely different personalities who do the exact same thing when it comes to bath time.

//They know its bath time because they get woken up in the 
afternoon instead of night time
//They get to play on the bed [and my coat] while the water runs
//They walk around the sink being silly babies
//They get bundled up and taken to the kitchen
//They poke their heads out because they know they'll get a treat for good behavior
//They gobble up mealies
//They retreat back into the blanket

*Kol did one step more and gave me a 'look' because he knew I was documenting him. Smart little baby.

You totally want a hedgehog now, don't you!
Of course you do, who wouldn't.

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  1. so cute :)
    How big will they get?

  2. I want a hedgehog so bad! They are so cute! Your two are adorable :D


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