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I'm alive! Aaahhhhhh! Are you surprised? It's okay, I am too.

Honestly I was suppose to write this last Monday because this trip was last weekend but homework won my attention the entire week. Oh well, better late than never, right?

So Thanksgiving/ Black Friday was crazy! It was just the two of us so around 445 on Turkey day J and I headed to the chaos that is known as WalMart. He got it in his mind that our 60 inch tv isn't big enough and we needed to go stand in line and brave the insanity to get a 70 inch. It actually worked out well; I didn't see anyone get trampled or punched in the face. I did however have to climb and jump over a bunch of obstacles because there were so many friggin people! We walked outta there with a bunch of shit for J's deployment [a cheap laptop and tv] and didn't look back!

On actual Black Friday I did some light shopping and was home by noon. When I walked in the door J told me we were leaving the next morning. Say what? Lemme backtrack for a second- I got it in my mind one day that since J is deploying next month why in the hell do we need two cars? We'd be making payments on something no one will drive and that's just retarded. Little did I know that since the Sentra is still pretty much brand new and we've only made 3 payments on it, we'd basically be under water trying to get rid of it. Damn. The only way to trade it in would be to trade in the Subi as well- which is J's car.

That car is the first car J ever bought himself. It is friggin awesome with gas mileage, all wheel drive cause people suck at driving out here, heated seats for my bum!, and it's pretty. J was devastated that he'd have to give it up. I felt bad and just let the whole thing go. Annnd back to me getting home- he found an SUV for 10 grand in Chicago that was willing to give us full trade in value for the cars. We could not pass that up. But Chicago? That's 8 fucking hours away! And J leaves on Monday for California. Fuck me. We gotta do this NOW. Meaning we must wake up at 7 at the latest and drive north for hours, separately. So our journey began...

J had to say goodbye to the Subi before we left because there was no way in hell I was driving a manual for 8 hours straight. I felt bad that he wasn't the last one to drive his own car. Once we got to The Windy City it was the fastest car deal I've ever witnessed. We were outta there in 35 minutes and it happened so fast, I just wanted to eat! The finance guy was kind enough to give us directions to a delicious pizza place in downtown Chicago. What's better than having Chicago-style deep dish pizza than in Chicago?! I was super stoked.

Sorry for the shitty picture quality. It was dark and my phone doesn't respond well to that. Moving on. That pizza was so huge it was seriously like a piece of pie. I had to use a fork and knife to gobble it up. After one piece I was done. Time to get a hotel and knock the fuck out.

I tried taking a picture of my adorable sweater dress in the closet mirror, it didn't work out too well. We stuffed our faces full of muffins and bagels [and by we I mean J] and crossed our fingers our used car would make the drive back.

I'm officially done with car swapping. I will drive this car until it drops, which will hopefully be when I'm like 40. I plan on using this thing for when I have kids so I'd say it's a good future investment. Miss the Subi though...

P.S. I've been writing so many essays it just looks weird that all my paragraphs are not double spaced. I have to remember that this is a blog post and not a paper and must fight the urge to correct it!

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  1. Another new car? That's so crazy! But smart. Do you have no payments now? No wonder we haven't talked. You've been so busy!


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