The Ghost of Christmas Past

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Happy New Year Loveys!

Now that it is officially 2014 I thought it would be fun to look at Christmases past. After I put together yesterday's little collage of photos I found myself going through my old Photobucket. So here's a nice little treat [of what little photos I still have].

God I looked super young. Everyone always says chopping your hair off makes you look older and sophisticated. I think my long hair looks better personally. I am tempted to cut it though.

2008 was the year I graduated high school, so that pic is my official 'yay, I'm an adult at Christmas and I get to sit at the grown-ups table' picture. 2010 I was working in Vegas and 2011 I was working at Disneyland. There aren't any pictures from those years but they were way more hectic. 

Here's to an awesome New Year. Cheers. 

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