Walking in a Winter Wonderland

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Happy Holidays everybody!

A very Merry belated Christmas to you and a bomb ass upcoming New Years. Man the craziness of the holidays takes a lot out of you. Visiting all your family, stuffing your face, shopping for presents, that shit really is exhausting. 

Social media went on the backburner for the past two weeks, including my own personal Facebook. It just wasn't that important to me. Although I took a shit ton of pictures [really, I did. Like 100] I don't feel the need to share them with everybody on a daily basis. I'd rather soak it all in and then share everything at once. Probably why I got a blog in the first place. Permanent photo album.

Okay but seriously, you are about to be bombarded with so many pictures I don't even blame you if you bow out after the tenth one. I'm not uploading them all, but there are enough to make you feel like you were in Utah with us. Even if your holidays were shitty, or just not so great, you can live vicariously through mine because it was filled with babies, puppies, and presents galore.

Long story short- J surprised me with a plane ticket to Utah where his mother, aunt, and sister live. And lemme tell you- I was NOT prepared for that shit. It was so fucking cold I thought I was gonna go into bear mode and hibernate for the rest of winter. SO. MUCH. SNOW. I'm from Southern California people, 60 degrees is jacket weather to us. I had never seen snow in person before and although incredibly and mesmerizingly beautiful, it's cold as fuck dude. Wish I could have experienced that shit when I was 8 and all I begged Santa for was to bring me snow so we could have a white Christmas. Being 23 and wearing dresses and tights, you don't really appreciate it that much.

Anyways, let the pictures ensue...

Plane rides are an all day event, but the scenery is stunning. Also, Chicago raped my coat.

And another long plane ride back home. At least I sat by myself this time. Yay me!

There you have it. Told you it was going to be a massive overload. I'm not going to elaborate on them considering I'm so lazy you're lucky I even uploaded them. You saw how long it took me, you already know this. All I know is Chicago's skyline is to die for.

Over and out peeps. Get drunk tonight.

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  1. chick................I just have to say I'm a tad jealous of various reasons. Well 2 reasons. 1 b/c of your hair. I love the color and it looks awesome and plus you had snow. South west Georgia never gets snow. at least not that much. and wen we do have snow it's every 6 to 10 yrs. and its enough to cover some of the ground. Love the pics too.

    hope you have a good new years eve and a blessed 2014



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