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J is officially in Afghanistan and getting settled in. The week has been slowly getting easier, however my very good friend and her husband are leaving Friday, so that's one more person I'll be losing. It's hard living a military lifestyle since nothing is ever permanent. Plans, work schedules, friends, holidays: it's all up in the air and anything can change down to the very last minute. I'm working on getting a job to keep myself busy and have some money put away when he gets back. Fingers crossed.

I've been wanting to write this post for awhile now, and I actually have a relevant reason to. Being deployed is no walk in the park, as I'm sure you've already guessed. The people left behind are forced to try and continue a normal life without a member of their family and the soldiers themselves don't get the very best of living conditions. To put it bluntly- prisoners are treated better than soldiers. 

They call food mystery meat because they never know what they're eating, they share a tiny room the size of bathroom with 2 to 3 other people, and they tend to work 12-24 hour shifts. All this while being away from loved ones, away from their home country, and the possibility of getting injured. 

J has me back home waiting for him. And while I'm waiting, I'm here to send him whatever he needs, plus a little love and reminders of home to make him feel more at ease. Some soldiers don't have that. Majority of the military is made up of single soldiers, with no one back home to love and care for them. While they may have family, most soldiers have no one thinking about them enough to send them essential needs. It's shocking to think that family members wouldn't send their loved ones anything, but it happens a lot.

Think about your daily life, and how happy you are to open your mailbox and find a personal letter from someone waiting for you inside, or how excited you get when you open the door and see a package on the porch. Now imagine you're all alone in a war zone with no one to talk to. It would probably make your day to receive a heartfelt letter from someone back home saying how proud they are to have someone fighting for their freedom, or getting a surprise package filled with goodies that you haven't experienced in months.

You can make that happen for a soldier. You can make someone's day by simple words of encouragement or a box of snacks, letting them know someone is out there thinking of them, wishing them well wishes and a safe trip home. By adopting a soldier, you can literally lift their spirits and make them feel incredibly special. Sometimes it's all they have to look forward to. You can write them hand written letters, send them uplifting emails, and ship them care packages as often as you want, and in the process make a soldier's deployment just a little bit easier to deal with.

When you adopt a soldier, you can pick one or as many as you like by going through their profiles and learning a little bit about themselves and the things they are hoping to get. You can get them exactly what they ask for, or surprise them with a themed box or random goodies from where you live. Most have access to internet, although sometimes seldomly in certain situations, and can shoot them an email whenever you have free time. It means the world to them. 

So go ahead, make someone's day, and Adopt A US Soldier.
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1 comment

  1. This is a great program. The last time Mac was deployed, he would share his care packages with his soldiers.


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