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If Blogger had like a special digital magazine each month that featured a lucky blogger of the month on the 'cover' and had info about them with tips and tricks and such, I would hope that one day I could grace that cover with my cheesy smile and bright red hair. Wow, that was actually a really good idea. Too bad I'm not savvy enough to actually put that into motion. Maybe one day someone will and they'll give me partial credit for it.

That is what I'm pretending to do today since I had such a fun time filling out Erin's adorable Cosmo-Blogger quiz yesterday. I decided to do round one because I missed it and add some random tidbits that are currently going on in my life. I got real silly and into the spirit. Perhaps I should team up with Erin and make it a thing...


>> Cheeseburgers gross me out. In fact, I can't have anything on my hamburger but lettuce. When I was little and McDonald's got my order wrong and put ketchup and pickles and all that nastyness on it my parents would tell me to scrap it off but really I would just give it to my sister or throw it away. I seriously won't eat it
>> The novelty on my car has worn off and now I can't stand it. Besides the fact that I have to actually get into the car along with my nanny kid to put him in his carseat because the seat does not align with the door, it  gets horrible gas mileage and I have to drive to Nashville every week
>> The vacuum cleaner is full of hedgie poo and I need to clean it out. Milo and Kol poop so much that I can't possibly fathom where it's coming from considering not that much goes into them
>> I put away 100 dollars a week to my savings for the future or rainy day mishaps. It baffles me that people can't manage to save 5 bucks here and there yet I can bulk up a shit ton by the summer. It's called will power people!
>> I've been doing my makeup almost every day and I'm really proud of myself for that. I'm normally not the girliest when it comes to things like that but I am trying super hard to act like a grown woman who has her shit together, or at least look like it
I think that's enough for today. Hope you learned a little more about this girl Megan and decide you wanna dive into it for yourself. Make this weekend a blast and I promise you'll come back next week with daily writings again. Loves!
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1 comment

  1. great answers.

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