Greedy Assholes

Happy Hump day everyone.

Except for me it isn't quite so happy. Once again I had something else planned for today but because I blog in real time instead of doing it the night before or even days ahead, I'm going to rant/vent about what literally just happened to me about 8 minutes ago.

I hate eBay. People suck and they're friggin douchebag assholes. Since J is gone I've had a crazy amount of ideas for care packages to send him and wanted to get a head start on buying everything. I won't say what everything is because they're all themed and I don't wanna spoil the surprise, but I've been doing a lot of Etsy shopping.

I got the brilliant idea to get some cheap stuff on eBay to complete some of the packages and found 3 options that would all suffice. Usually when I shop on eBay I only purchase the things you can pay for right now in full. I usually don't give a shit because I hate competing with people on stuff I know I want.

Well it just so happens that ALL THREE of the things I want have to be bid on. Great. I hate people in general, but people on here are ruthless. I lost at all 3 things. All 3 of them. I feel like a failure to J, but most of all I just want to punch these people. I wanted there to be a chat box so I can say "I'm purchasing these for my deployed husband- go the fuck away!" What's worse is I was outbid in the last 12 seconds. TWELVE FUCKING SECONDS AND THAT SHIT WOULD HAVE BEEN MINE!

So to everyone right now I say-
Suck my balls.

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  1. Hahahaha! I mean, it's not funny, but it is because I can see myself staring at the computer, mouth wide open, heart starting to race, calling my sister & saying "it's people like you that want to make me throw myself into oncoming traffic!!!!" Yea, fuck eBay. But if you want someone to blame, go ahead and blame my sister. She does that shit ALL. THE. TIME. She will wait until the last 5 seconds and outbid someone by like a fking penny. She's such a douche ha.

    Amazon is where it's at, girl! And Etsy, of course :-))

  2. That is the worst!!!!!!! I would have probably punched my computer. Definitely avoid Ebay like the plague and shop on Amazon and Etsy only!!!

  3. And this is why I don't buy anything on eBay unless it has the "buy it now" option.

  4. Ohhh that would have pissed me off too. Hope you can still find it somewhere else.


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