I Love Me

While everyone else [mainly sappy women] is being all miserable about Valentine's Day tomorrow, I'd like to remind all you bitches that if you don't love yourself first and are happy and confident, what makes you think you're gonna land a man with that attitude? Also, my husband is deployed. Suck it up.

With that being said, I love me lots and lots and thought I deserved a little somethin somethin. Strawberries are my favorite fruit of all time and lately I've been craving some smothered in chocolate. It's a combination of eating healthy the past two months and being on my effing period for the past two weeks [hey Aunt Flo, be a dear and get the fuck out] which equaled to me seriously not being able to let go of said delicious treats. 

Well Megan is super cheap and doesn't feel like shelling out 70 bucks for some berries- you ruthless shop owners!- so I started perusing the interwebz to find me some yummy in my tummy. Edible arrangements proved to be a bust- 16 bucks for 6 strawberries? Go step on a lego. Then I remembered how much Groupon has been my best friend and happened across some Shari's Berries coupons to get me my fill before the craze of Vday hit.

Yesterday they arrived and I practically knocked down the UPS guy to get to them. I apologized for my hormones and ran my freezing ass back inside the house to devour my chocolatey goodness.

Obviously they do not look as tasty as the picture because when do they friggin ever, but they were every bit of heaven in my mouth as I imagined them to be. I'm not ashamed to say that I finished them by the end of the night. At least I had the self control not to swallow them all whole in a matter of minutes. Don't get me wrong, that thought crossed my mind but I wanted them to last as long as I possibly could.

The Groupon ends tomorrow so I'd hightail it on over to their site and purchase this baby before the opportunity is gone. I'd rather pay 15 bucks for a dozen than selling one of my kidneys. True story.
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  1. I saw these and didnt want to pay the price. glad you got some and can enjoy them. hate aunt flo has been there for you 2 weeks. that does suck. sorry.... hope you have a great vday though. and you're right we should love ourselves b/4 any man will love us back.


  2. If you have not eaten them all yet, ENJOY one for me :)


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