Mother Nature is on Her Period

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Either that, or she's going through some serious menopause. 

I had another post planned for today, but when I woke up this morning and looked out my window I became very discouraged. If it wasn't for my new nanny kid obviously, I would not have ventured outside into the asshole that is Tennessee. I'm so tired of this shitty weather, it's enough to make you barf hot cocoa. Every time that I think 'I don't remember it being this cold and shitty this time last year' I have to remind myself that we're in this damn polar vortex and it may never friggin end.

You know when it's hot outside people usually say it's hotter than a devil's asshole? No? Just my neck of the woods? Well at the current moment it's colder than a snowman's testicles. For serious. I haven't turned my heater off in almost two weeks. Before you say I'm crazy and will blow out my electric bill, it's already happened and I literally can't turn it off. If you failed to remember my adorable children, Milo and Kol cannot be in temperatures below 73 degrees or they could die. So all this 10 and below bullshit is getting real old because I would very much like my babies to survive winter and not have to be wrapped up in an electric blanket every time I take them out of their cage.

This is what I had the pleasure of waking up to. Having to yank at my car door to get it to open so I could spend the next 30 minutes thawing the rest of it is seriously my kind of morning, people. I just love having to do the same to my trash can so it can actually get picked up today. That is if the garbage people even come by. I'm not trying to compare what we have to the anyone up north getting dozens of feet of snow. That's not why I'm complaining, I've been in that snow and it sucks major balls too.

You see the ground? That's a sheet of ice. Apparently down south we get to enjoy icy covered roads and freezing rain that's more like tiny ice cubes hitting your windshield. Going anywhere is a big gamble due to sliding all over the streets and majority of them being narrow and windee [I didn't want it to look like windy lol]. But seriously, the whole town shuts down including the base because no one can get around. I'm surprised the schools weren't closed today considering they were Monday yet that wasn't nearly as bad as today. AND NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO DRIVE. Which makes it so much worse. 

I'm not even going home tonight. I have to be back early in the morning anyway and it's just not worth it. I'd rather be stuck here and knowing I can still watch the baby instead of possibly crashing my car in the dead of night or not being able to leave my driveway. So Mickey Mouse Clubhouse marathon it is I guess. Be safe guys!

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  1. Be safe girly. and jack the heat up the god awful electric bill is worth it when its that cold .


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