My Valentines

Hello all.

Some of you may still be in jammies or asleep since today is Presidents Day, but my butt was up and at em cause work don't stop for this girl. So how did your V-day pan out? Was it full of mushy goodness? I certainly hope so! Somebody better be gettin some lovin since I'm not.

Mine wasn't horrible, it's that the day itself sucked ass. I seriously wasn't mad because J is gone, I'm not bitter like that. I was extremely frustrated because my town is full of military morons who can't drive. I shall explain. These people count on their paychecks like nobody's business. I know everyone does, but these people take it to a whole new level. Like, don't even think about going to the commissary once everyone has gotten paid.

Well, my town just happens to think it's a great idea to put everything on one single street. Seriously. There is only one of everything and it is all on one friggin street off the freeway. Since this weekend is a holiday in itself, guess who all get paid? So lemme wrap everything up: it was Valentine's Day- on a Friday, that just so happened to be payday, landing on a 3-day weekend, and it was POURING. It took me an hour to go to the bank and I live down the street. Not even kidding. 

Before I headed out I figured I was not going to let shitty weather and a missing husband get me down. This girl got a little prettied up! I even did my hair- GASP! But I realize I don't own a shred of pink, at all. And I wasn't gonna wear red considering, you know, my hair. I was still cute, though!

I know it may seem like I'm having a super conceited moment, but remember my man is deployed. So feast your eyes, bebeh! Isn't my umbrella so effing adorable?! God I love Betsey Johnson. I bought it because it goes over your body which is nice cause now my purse will finally stay dry. Plus I felt like a pimp walking around with it in stores. Get it!

So everyone posting all their goodies and treats on Facebook made me crave chocolatey fruit sooooooo bad. I herp derped hard core though cause once again I forgot it was V-day and actually tried to step foot into an Edible Arrangements. Bad idea. I felt worse for the women of the world though. It was 6 in the evening when I ventured into that store, and you should have seen it packed full of dudes trying to get their sweetie something last minute. Way ta go, guys. Of course everything was gone and I was sad. Oh well. So I got Mexican food to go and spent the rest of Love Day with my two cutie pies.

You are so jealous of my Malibu rum in my Peter Pan mug. You know you are. And the fact that you don't have prickly adorableness to keep you company. Well come over and we'll have a sleepover! I'll get the chips and salsa ready...

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  1. I love your curls!! And Mexican food sounds like a tasty Valentine's Day meal to me!

  2. love your umbrella and I have the SAME peter pan mug :) love it!
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  3. You are one beautiful girl!!! :)
    I am behind on reading blogs!!
    I hope you are hanging in there


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