Snowed In

One of the best things about being a nanny is that your job can come to you. Knowing that I don't have to leave me house or get dressed and still get paid is a pretty awesome feeling. But the reason behind it kinda sucked.

On Saturday morning I awoke kinda bummed that I had to work the weekend. It was the first one in 2 years and I had gotten used to Saturdays and Sundays being 'us' time, or now, 'me' time. Well Mother Nature also had a trick up her sleeve. She decided that me having to work on Saturday wasn't enough, she had to make me miserable and stranded as well.

I usually look out my bedroom window in the morning to see what I'm dealing with, but I was extra groggy and just wanted to get out the door before I decided that my bed was a way better option. I received a text from my boss saying to take my time and be extra careful. Umm, why? I opened the front door and was bitch slapped in the face by the cold truth. 

Son of a bitch. 

Mother Nature is an asshole. I had already delt with freezing rain and ice two days prior and barely made it out alive. I was not going to survive this. My car isn't the greatest at handling slippery roads. Once the car detects that the front wheels are spinning it goes into awd mode. So basically my car tries to get me out of trouble after it gets me into trouble. Rude. So I knew I was not going to venture out into this storm that was suppose to last all day. Am I a baby? No. I know this doesn't compare to what people are experiencing all over the country. But I've never personally driven in snow, the back roads out here are terrible, and my car is a douche. That's 3 strikes against me.

And what sucks major donkey balls is I wouldn't have even woken up to this or given a shit if I did because I usually don't work fucking Saturday! So nobody else cared because they didn't have to work or go to school. Lucky bastards asleep in their cozy beds while I'm over here having a major panic attack! Luckily my boss is super chill and from Chicago, so she brought the little nugget to me.

He moved in is more like it. There are 4 additional bags on that chair. That's a lot of shit. Kid is more decked out than I am. I'm just glad someone enjoyed my 70 inch tv since the person who wanted it in the first place won't even be here to watch it for the next 9 months. Dick.

At first I was extremely nervous to have him in my house. Not because I was worried he would mess with my stuff, but because my house is not child proof in the slightest. I have a glass kitchen table, 2 glass end tables, a giant tv that could fall on him, a glass entertainment center, and tons of cupboards he can easily get into. Shit, I just realized how much glass I own. Anyway, it was basically either possibly kill myself trying to get to him, or possibly have him injured and/or poisoned in my home. Not the greatest this or that situation.

I chose the latter for obvious reasons, J even confirmed it. Yep, I emailed him the first picture asking 'can I drive in this?' His response? 'You- no. I could easily handle it in that car but you wouldn't know what to do if shit hit the fan.' Thanks babe. Well, what can I say- the man knows me.

So the baby boy and I had a fun filled day of running around the house and going up and down the stairs multiple times. Went better than expected and nobody died of ingesting toilet cleaner. Win.

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  1. That's awesome that she was willing to bring him to you! I've had a lot of experience driving in the snow and always have a blast out in it, but I can totally understand not wanting to go out and drive in it.

  2. This California girl would have no clue how to drive in that shit.I was a nanny all through college and one of the best perks was def having a snuggle buddy on cold days .


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