Stepping Up My Game

Hello again, I'm back. Surprised?

Yep, two days in a row people. Kinda proud of myself. Anyway, I realized yesterday after my little rant of how much I suck that in the midst of being a mopey moperton, I totally passed up my anniversary of this white space of mine. Run-on sentence much? Maybe... I managed to overlook that a couple days ago I have now been blogging for a year.

But does it really count when you don't blog regularly? For the first 8 months I was on a freakin roll. I blogged 5 days a week because I genuinely liked it. Then after getting to know the community and everything involved- all the damn link ups, sponsors, reviews, etc- I grew tired of it. I didn't want to become a sell out and join another's giveaway just to get more followers. I did it once because I figured it was for her 1 year anniversary and it was a happy, worth while occasion. I quickly realized that although I gained about 70 followers from it, they obviously didn't give a shit about me or what I had to say. I'd rather have readers, and hardly anyone was actually doing any reading.

My writing went from every day, to every other day, to once or twice a week, and then eventually about 3 times a month. I figured if nobody else cared, why should I? I'm never going to be that person that just comments in hopes of you hopping onto my blog and following back. I don't even follow every blog I comment on. I barely comment- only if I feel the post was crazy awesome or my comment was necessary. But it doesn't mean I don't read. If I legitimately love a blog enough to follow it, I read damn near every post.

And I'll be the first to admit that if you start clogging your blog with unnecessary shit- like one too many reviews, nothing but sponsor posts and giveaways- I'm going to stop following you. I want content, damnit. No, I'm not the pot calling the kettle black because I am completely aware of how little I've been blogging in recent months. Because whenever I do post something, it's from the heart. It's my actual thoughts and emotions that go into my writing. That's how it should be.

I'll also be the first one to admit I'm lazy as fuck. Notice there aren't any photos or crazy gifs in this post? Well yeah, I'm being serious. And I don't wanna put in the effort. For reals, sometimes I just honestly don't wanna do it. I have like 50 ideas written down of things to post about- some of them I've had since July- and I've never had the extra push to actually start typing.

Back to the point- I know I've been slacking. Life sucks and hits you at the shittiest of times. Add that to a major life change- like your husband leaving for majority of the year in a dangerous place- and it's enough to put you in a mini depression. And I realized that this is where I can put all those thoughts and feelings. That's the whole reason I started this blog, and I need to get back to my roots. Whether or not anyone is actually reading those thoughts is not important. If you want to, read. If not, I really don't mind. You won't hurt my feelings because in the end I'm still going to be here. 

So I pledge to do better. To start writing again and put myself back out there. Join me?

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  1. I've been having the SAME thoughts recently. I feel like when I took my "blog break" it was at the same time that everyone I started blogging with took their breaks. Now we're all back! And ps - I totally read your blog. Stalk, actually.

  2. I try to schedule post more so that i can sit back and read other blogs and comment too in hopes to get it in return. why i still comment b/c it doesnt make me get comments at all. but i treat folks like i want to be treated

  3. I've been thinking about the whole "selling out" thing too! It's ridiculous how much pressure I've felt to increase my bloglovin' count, and for what? I'm going to post what interests me, and if you don't like it, well, you don't have to read it. You weren't going to read it even if I were giving away a freaking iPad, let's not kid ourselves!!

  4. Oh man, when i first started out i was all about getting followers.... i entered every giveaway possible etc etc. I quickly learned thats not what i wanted. I do link ups and host a giveaway occasionally but i have stepped way back from what i use to do. It got ridiculous! Spending money to be on someones blog, CRAZy! I am glad to see you back, and will continue to read your posts :)


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