Valentine's Day Care Package

Happy Valentine's Day Lovies!
Don't feel bad for me on this love-filled day just because J is gone- we've actually only spent one Valentine's Day together so it's really no biggie. In fact, two years ago for V-day I got a ticket on my way to get back on birth control because J was coming home from Afghanistan 4 days later. Romantic stuff right there.
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Let's get to the point of this post- sending cute care packages to my hot-stuff husband overseas. Last deployment I sent him a care package every 2 weeks which was exhausting to me and my bank account. This time around I decided to only do them once a month and because of this I will make them more special by giving each one a specific theme. It'll be a good way to keep my mind off things and focusing on creating/finding items and hopefully he'll really enjoy everything when it arrives each month. February the punk is lucky because there is Valentine's Day in the first half of the month and his birthday the second half, so he gets two.
I picked up materials to decorate the box and hunted down any adorable thing I saw in the all-red aisles of Walmart and Target. I'm pretty sure I was way more excited to purchase all the goodies than he was to receive them, especially since he is legitimately trying to eat healthy and get back into shape and all I did was send him a shit ton of chocolate. But everything I got had a specific purpose! I swear! ;)

The Supplies

The Lovey Goods

Red Necesseties

Decorated Box

Wrapped Awesomeness

Finished Product

The Card

I put so much effort into that damn box. I tried to stay away from pink as much as possible in case he opened this in front of his work buddies, but some of that stuff was just too adorable to pass up. I included his fav chocolate Reese's, inside meaningfulness with the owls and Ninja Turtles, and I found a friggin red stuffed hedgehog! It was meant to be. As for the rest I wanted to include things he might need but stick to the love theme and went with red. I know I didn't have to wrap everything but I wanted him to feel special and have things to open. Did I over-do it? I honestly don't think so haha


So you wanna hear something super adorable that would only happen to us? The day after J left and I was miserable and whatnot, I started perusing Etsy to take my mind off things and get him presents. I came across this woman who created cards and knick-knacks using cute little woodland creatures- including hedgies. She made a woman's tee and kid's tee adorning the most adorable quilled furball and I knew I just had to have it, but first I asked if she could make it in a men's tee for J and I would just get one for me later. 

February 7th was the real Valentine's Day for the two of us considering both our gifts to each other arrived that day. Neither one of us told the other we got them anything, which made it that much sweeter. He of course loved his box and ate most of his candy in seconds. I cried at mine, both out of happiness and sadness. Wanna know what he got for me? The hedgehog shirt. THE ONE I GOT FOR HIM. I love how we didn't just get each other something similar-, we literally got each other the exact same shirt. Only us

I teared up because not only was his card the cutest most adorablest thing ever [that's a word, people], he knows me so well that he happened across the exact shirt I wanted but couldn't bring it in me to buy it for myself because I wanted him to have it. I even customized his so he didn't have any pink on it. But I was also sad because that technically means he's already seen his shirt, therefore ruining the surprise. I immediately emailed the shop owner telling her the crazy story that just happened and she told me once he told her he wanted to send me a card and talked about Milo and Kol [I had already told her about them] she knew exactly who he was and couldn't believe it. It apparently took everything in her not to spoil the surprise!

Back of the card:
"I love you more than Kol loves running
and Milo loves mealies.
Happy Valentine's Day, Baby"

I of course could not keep this in, no matter how much I still wanted his to be a surprise, and told him I loved him for reading my mind. What a day of love it was! Hope yours is just as special!

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  1. You are the best!! He is going to love ALL of that!! I hope you had a great Valentine's Day with little Milo and Kol :)

  2. First of all, the box is amazing. I love the idea of keeping it all with a theme and making it something special. I hope you'll share his birthday box too!
    Second, OHMYGOSH those shirts and that story = cutest thing ever. You win the internet for the day. Seriously.

  3. You are WIFE OF THE YEAR.

    So adorable.

  4. OMGOSH! you are most def. the wife of the year! He is gonna love that package!

  5. Aww, those hedgehog shirts are the best! And your care package to him is pretty awesome--my husband loves Reese's too, those were his present for Valentine's Day!

  6. I love that you two bought each other the same gift! That's true love, knowing each other so well that in all of the thousands of Etsy shops you managed to find the same one..crazy! Hope you had a great weekend:)


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