Birthday Care Package

J is one lucky duck that Valentine's Day and his birthday are in the same month, because he got two care packages for the month of February. Hey I just realized that we both share our birthdays with months of love. His and V-day and mine and our anniversary, go figure.
Anywho, I tried to keep this one with things he truly needed or things he is really interested in, and of course presents! I also managed to get his friends and family to send me messages to include in his box. I knew it would make it way more special for him to have everyone he loves in one place, and I had to try my hardest to keep it a secret.

His actual presents that I wrapped were the Beatles calendar and a book by his favorite author, which was really effing hard to track down for some reason. I wanted him to be able to see the days pass by and actually know what day it was, and have something to do while that time goes by. He's really into getting in shape right now, so majority of his food options for the rest of deployment will be healthy and full of protein.

Making these are really fun for me and have given me so many ideas to try and cheer up J while he's stuck in the giant sand bucket. He's really starting to look forward to them which makes me super happy but also pressured because I just want him to love them! Stay tuned for next month!

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  1. That is one killer guy care package! You are seriously an awesome gift-giver! I also love that you included friends and family in on it too :)

  2. Love the package and all of the birthday notes on the box makes it super special!


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