Little Man Moustache Bash

My friend's adorable little mixed baby turned 1 this past weekend and I couldn't say no to helping out with the birthday party, whether she asked for it or not. Any excuse to decorate and I'm there. I live for this shit. Plus I got to take the nanny kid which was fun for the both of us since he got to be with other children and for once [even though I should feel this way by now] I truly felt like a real mother. P.S.- I totally rock at it.
Instead of boring you with the story of the day, I'll let pictures tell the story. That, and I'll just get irritated about the balloons blowing away all over again. Let's just say never trust an 18 month old to hold them. Money wasted.

Getting everything ready!

Birthday boy and Jay bird

It was actually very hard to blow the moustache whistles...hehehe

They dunked his face. He was pissed

The best step-by-step reaction to eating a cupcake ever
Fucking priceless

I love how he offered and then was like 'well more for me then'

Jay bird had so much fun chasing balloons and getting a sugar rush that by the time I buckled my seatbelt to take off later that afternoon he was already knocked out. Parenthood has got nothin on me. Don't worry J, I don't have baby fever.

Well pretty ladies, tomorrow starts my 3-day Spring Break and I could not be more excited! I've got a couple of wife-dates planned for Nashville and will have my first cheat day of eating clean cause hellooooooo Cheesecake Factory. Also, I am so over this effing weather and now that it's warming up I plan to take full advantage of it and wear my new heels that just came! So in love.

Peace out.
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  1. This brings back so many memories! I remember Dreydan's first birthday like it was yesterday :-(( Mish him being a babyyyy.

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog and saw this- cutest little guy birthday theme EVER! And so unique!!


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