Ninja Turtle Care Package

Happy Friday party people!
My boss let me have the day off so I now have a 4-day weekend to enjoy and you bet your ass I will be taking advantage of every moment cause who knows when this will happen again. 
I wanted J to have a care package for April that didn't center around Easter so much. I love holidays as much as the next person, probably more, but J can honestly give two shits about anything other than Thanksgiving and Christmas, so that idea was nixed. Knowing him, he'd much rather have something totally awesome that relates to his childhood and has yummy snacks- so teenage mutant ninja turtles it is.

I did add a little bit if Easter- mainly candy, cause duh- and I found these little ninja turtle themed eggs at Target and knew I had to get them. He got chocolate-y eggs and gummy fruit snacks to hold him over.

I wanted to make sure everything in the box stuck with the theme, including flavors of the food. If you've never watched TMNT then you're weird you don't know just how much they love pizza and junk food.

Items included:
TMNT goodies- 
dvd/ comic books/ water bottle
TMNT snacks- 
pizza flavored pringles, goldfish, crackers
yoo hoo, chocolate pudding

Of course I had to decorate the box. I think this one was my best one yet. I might be setting myself up for failure cause I honestly don't know how I'm going to top myself. 

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A Neon-Colored Easter

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My intent was to put the glowsticks inside the eggs to make the Easter egg hunt more fun but they were too big so I threw them in the yard along with the eggs instead. They proved to be way more interesting to Jay Bird than the eggs did and he focused on collecting them all. We started when the sun was going down and went well into the night. Once he had collected all of them I would tell him to close his eyes and I would throw them all over again. The real fun began once it got darker and he could clearly see the bright neon colors in the grass. Like all things to an 18 mo, it got old after about 45 minutes and we headed back inside. Next year I'll buy bigger eggs...

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Easter Crafts


Look at that cute kid. It took us awhile to get that picture, lots of screaming. What is it with the damn Easter Bunny? Is it because it looks like a mask and the fact that you can't see a person's face? I had to distract him somehow. So he's showing me his belly button and his hair ;)

Anywhoodles. Up until Easter we were making lots of art that mostly included paint and prints so I thought I'd share them in hopes of parents using them for their kids next year.

First note that everything I purchased is washable so be sure to get paint and markers that come off clothes and carpet. Regardless of the fact that Jay Bird was only wearing a diaper when we did crafts, I made sure to lay a giant old sheet on the floor before proceeding with anything.

// The very first picture we did was the blue one. Simply dip each foot in orange and white paint to create a carrot and a bunny rabbit. Add leaves to the carrot and pink ears to the rabbit, wait for it to dry and outline in marker. Voila!

// I cut out an egg shape from light pink textured paper and let Jay Bird go nuts with whatever color marker he wanted. Very simple yet adorable

// Yellow paper is the perfect backdrop for sunny skies. Hand prints make for perfect little tulips in different colors. Just choose which colors you want and dip your child's hands in them. Jay Bird didn't get the concept that once his hand touched the paper he was supposed to be still. So our flowers were a little mushy. You can also make the stems and grass with paint as well, I just didn't have the patience with an 18 mo, so I used marker

// Best for last is our footprint bunny. Baby boy chose hot pink for the color so I went with a lighter pink for the feet and matched the paint with the hot pink to dip his little feeties in. Make two sets- one for the bunny's ears and for his feet. Once dry cut them out and paste or tape the to the body. Yay for Easter art!

*Update: paint clothespins and wrap string around thumbtacks to display your beautiful artwork!*

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A Wicked Easter

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Hey Lovies!

How was everyone's Easter weekend?! Mine was full of Jay Bird since his parents got massively busy and I got stuck working Saturday. But it's okay because Sunday totally made up for it! And I know that Easter is obviously over but I am going to focus on it this week since I have tons of recaps! So stay with me!

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I bought tickets on a whim to go see my first broadway show. My ultimate dream would be to tour New York City and see every play they have to offer, so that's high on the ol' bucket list of mine. It wasn't until about an hour after we bought them that we realized the date of the show was to be Easter Sunday, and I immediately got super excited that even though my husband is gone, my Easter wouldn't suck this year. So off to Nashville we went!

We shared ourselves a little 'good witch' alcoholic beverage [and boy was it yummy] while we waited for the show to start. I'm soooooo happy that my first experience with a live show was Wicked because that shit was awesome and those ladies can seriously belt it out. But then again now every show from here on out has to top this one.... it was insanely good! My favorite was actually the dancing. We had some pretty legit seats for booking our tickets so last minute and I gobbled up every second of it. I'm one of those people in the theaters that talk to you throughout the entire movie and annoy the shit out of you the whole time, but this play I was silent and grinning from ear to ear.

After the awesomeness we just witnessed we of course had to take advantage of the beautiful weather and capture our pretty dresses and gorgeous scenery. I chose to stick with pastels in keeping with the Easter theme and absolutely adored my dress. Who ever said red hair and pink dresses don't mix? Cause I think I look goddamn adorable! Like a modern Ariel ;)

And then we gorged ourselves with some Cheesecake Factory because duh. I went nuts people. I ordered an appetizer, entree, AND dessert. Talk about fat-kid status! I honestly cannot wait for my leftovers when I get home. Real talk- I've been thinking about it all day. Super serious. I love food too much.

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Spreading the Easter Spirit

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Since we're all going to be busy with loved ones stuffing our faces and playing games this Easter Sunday, I thought I'd share the love today and say I hope everyone has a very Happy Easter. Religious or not [and I'm not] it's a time to be with family and friends and revel in the joys of Spring so I wish you an awesome one!

Every year my extended family on my mom's side throws a giant Easter party in one of my aunt's or cousin's back yards and for the past 3 I have missed them :/ I know it's not particularly J's fault that I'm on the other side of the country but it still makes me sad. And I'm not gonna lie, I especially miss the gobs of food I usually gorge myself on while everyone else is partaking in games and egg-cracking. That's right, we do the whole confetti-egg massacre and smash them on each other's heads. It's a blast if you haven't tried it.

Because of me not being able to spend it there in person, I decided to send my love everyone's way with fun Easter cards picked specifically for each person. I'm old-fashioned and think that every occasion no matter how small deserves a personalized letter in the mail. I know I LOVE receiving cards so why wouldn't someone else?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll just be over here with Jay Bird making lots of Easter crafts and possibly dying my flesh instead of the eggs itself. Also paint. Paint is good.

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Forever 21 Haul

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I'm turning into a real girl. For serious.

My most recent shopping trip is proof that I am slowly but surely morphing into a character straight out of Sex and the City, or whatever the hell girls watch. I mean no offense if you took any, it's just weird to see myself willingly shopping for anything other than home decor or food. Especially when lately it has been makeup -yes, MAKEUP- and dresses. And yet it feels.....good. I am genuinly starting to like shopping and look forward to it when someone asks if I wanna join them for a trip to the local mall. Hell yeah, girlfran!

While I still won't shell out big bucks for trivial things such as accessories and eyeshadow palettes [I'm looking at you Naked 3!] I will buy unnecessary stuff that I possibly don't really need because it's unbelievably adorable and totally cheap. Case in point these...

I am so into arrows right now it's not even funny. If it has an arrow on it chances are it's already in my shopping cart. I don't know when this trend started but I am diggin it. Mainly because of what it represents- in order to move forward in your life you have to pull back and let it go. Love. And all this black and gold. I. Die. It started out as a way of matching my new Juicy Couture bags I got for Christmas and then spiraled out of control. Good thing J isn't here to witness my downfall. He will be plenty surprised when he comes home and finds all my shiny new trinkets. Oh well.

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Honey, I Shrunk the Care Package

March came and went and I forgot to post J's care package for that month but when I have to keep it a secret so he won't find out I just end up forgetting to do it altogether.
His theme was a mini-sized package that included small versions of everyday things. I came across something like it on Pinterest but can't for the life of me remember where. I decided to go with it for that month since I ran out of large boxes and only had a couple medium ones and was too lazy to get off my bum and drive downtown to get more. So it was a perfect fit!

Items included:
Small packaged snacks
Mini framed picture of us 
Travel-sized toiletries

Since the package looked 'shrunk' I thought it would be cute to say I shrunk all the items inside of it as well and reference Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. I tried finding scrapbook paper with gadgets on them or maybe a robot theme but no such luck. So I stuck to patterns with a steel tone to them to represent tools and mechanics and such. I free-handed the sayings and of course had to include a little card to cheer my baby up.

J says not only does he look forward to my packages, but now so do his fellow soldiers that work around him. They usually receive their packages while they are working and apparently everyone crowds around him when they see he has one. Talk about added pressure. I mean it's awesome that they think that and I'm flattered but now I'm thinking I'll have to constantly out-do myself. Challenge accepted!

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Pimp My Ride


Yes, I realize it's been like two months since I've churned out a post. Guess what? I'm livin life! I almost threw in the towel altogether and said to hell with a blog but I also want to record events in my life so here I am once again at a crossroads. I'll try to do better but I'm not gonna fully commit to anything. I'm already fully committed to J by law and that's enough for me. I only have room for so much in my life people!

To get straight to the point- my car is used. It's 2005 but doesn't exactly look like it. Well, once you see the key fob [why do they call it that? does it stand for something?] and the radio it's a dead giveaway. Not to sound like a prima donna or anything, but mama needs a touchscreen and bluetooth in her life. First world problems I guess. Seriously though, my past cars have spoiled me with steering wheel buttons, navigation where the lady yells at you that you're going the wrong way, back up cameras, bitchin sound systems- I've become pretty high maintenance in the vehicle department.

I decided to do something about it and stop living like it was ten years ago and upgrade my car a little bit. I wish Xhibit would pop out of no where and tell me he's gonna pimp my ride for me so I don't have to pay for it out of my own pocket but once again, so ten years ago. Kinda sucks cause it would be just lovely to have my own vodka station in the center console of my car but whatareyagonnado right.

This is what that sucker looked like before it got pimped out. It screams 90s even though it's not. Just because something is old doesn't mean it has to look old. Just ask Sandra Bullock. Bitch is 50 but she damn sure don't look it. So I dropped some money on my Best Buy card and had them hook me up with a new touch screen monitor and backup camera. Yay me!

It's like my car got a face lift. Well, technically it just got botox since it isn't something very major. But you best believe we will eventually take the plunge and get that face lift and redo all the trim pieces, dashboard, and seat covers. Go big or go home. If I'm gonna drive this sucker til it drops I may as well invest in making it look pimp as shit. 

And to that I say, cheers.

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