A Wicked Easter

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Hey Lovies!

How was everyone's Easter weekend?! Mine was full of Jay Bird since his parents got massively busy and I got stuck working Saturday. But it's okay because Sunday totally made up for it! And I know that Easter is obviously over but I am going to focus on it this week since I have tons of recaps! So stay with me!

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I bought tickets on a whim to go see my first broadway show. My ultimate dream would be to tour New York City and see every play they have to offer, so that's high on the ol' bucket list of mine. It wasn't until about an hour after we bought them that we realized the date of the show was to be Easter Sunday, and I immediately got super excited that even though my husband is gone, my Easter wouldn't suck this year. So off to Nashville we went!

We shared ourselves a little 'good witch' alcoholic beverage [and boy was it yummy] while we waited for the show to start. I'm soooooo happy that my first experience with a live show was Wicked because that shit was awesome and those ladies can seriously belt it out. But then again now every show from here on out has to top this one.... it was insanely good! My favorite was actually the dancing. We had some pretty legit seats for booking our tickets so last minute and I gobbled up every second of it. I'm one of those people in the theaters that talk to you throughout the entire movie and annoy the shit out of you the whole time, but this play I was silent and grinning from ear to ear.

After the awesomeness we just witnessed we of course had to take advantage of the beautiful weather and capture our pretty dresses and gorgeous scenery. I chose to stick with pastels in keeping with the Easter theme and absolutely adored my dress. Who ever said red hair and pink dresses don't mix? Cause I think I look goddamn adorable! Like a modern Ariel ;)

And then we gorged ourselves with some Cheesecake Factory because duh. I went nuts people. I ordered an appetizer, entree, AND dessert. Talk about fat-kid status! I honestly cannot wait for my leftovers when I get home. Real talk- I've been thinking about it all day. Super serious. I love food too much.

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