Easter Crafts


Look at that cute kid. It took us awhile to get that picture, lots of screaming. What is it with the damn Easter Bunny? Is it because it looks like a mask and the fact that you can't see a person's face? I had to distract him somehow. So he's showing me his belly button and his hair ;)

Anywhoodles. Up until Easter we were making lots of art that mostly included paint and prints so I thought I'd share them in hopes of parents using them for their kids next year.

First note that everything I purchased is washable so be sure to get paint and markers that come off clothes and carpet. Regardless of the fact that Jay Bird was only wearing a diaper when we did crafts, I made sure to lay a giant old sheet on the floor before proceeding with anything.

// The very first picture we did was the blue one. Simply dip each foot in orange and white paint to create a carrot and a bunny rabbit. Add leaves to the carrot and pink ears to the rabbit, wait for it to dry and outline in marker. Voila!

// I cut out an egg shape from light pink textured paper and let Jay Bird go nuts with whatever color marker he wanted. Very simple yet adorable

// Yellow paper is the perfect backdrop for sunny skies. Hand prints make for perfect little tulips in different colors. Just choose which colors you want and dip your child's hands in them. Jay Bird didn't get the concept that once his hand touched the paper he was supposed to be still. So our flowers were a little mushy. You can also make the stems and grass with paint as well, I just didn't have the patience with an 18 mo, so I used marker

// Best for last is our footprint bunny. Baby boy chose hot pink for the color so I went with a lighter pink for the feet and matched the paint with the hot pink to dip his little feeties in. Make two sets- one for the bunny's ears and for his feet. Once dry cut them out and paste or tape the to the body. Yay for Easter art!

*Update: paint clothespins and wrap string around thumbtacks to display your beautiful artwork!*

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  1. So adorable, especially the little bunny!

  2. I love how they're clipped & hung on the wall. The fridge is so last 1990's... haha.


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