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I'm turning into a real girl. For serious.

My most recent shopping trip is proof that I am slowly but surely morphing into a character straight out of Sex and the City, or whatever the hell girls watch. I mean no offense if you took any, it's just weird to see myself willingly shopping for anything other than home decor or food. Especially when lately it has been makeup -yes, MAKEUP- and dresses. And yet it feels.....good. I am genuinly starting to like shopping and look forward to it when someone asks if I wanna join them for a trip to the local mall. Hell yeah, girlfran!

While I still won't shell out big bucks for trivial things such as accessories and eyeshadow palettes [I'm looking at you Naked 3!] I will buy unnecessary stuff that I possibly don't really need because it's unbelievably adorable and totally cheap. Case in point these...

I am so into arrows right now it's not even funny. If it has an arrow on it chances are it's already in my shopping cart. I don't know when this trend started but I am diggin it. Mainly because of what it represents- in order to move forward in your life you have to pull back and let it go. Love. And all this black and gold. I. Die. It started out as a way of matching my new Juicy Couture bags I got for Christmas and then spiraled out of control. Good thing J isn't here to witness my downfall. He will be plenty surprised when he comes home and finds all my shiny new trinkets. Oh well.

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